“Get A FREE Custom Sales
Funnel Blueprint Based On The
Generated Over $17 Million
In Sales For My Clients”

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From The Desk Of: Alexandru Alin

January, 2017

Dear Friend,

If you’re serious about making money online in the fastest time possible, you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to show you, because…

You’re About To Discover How You Can Get A  Seven-Figure Funnel Expert To Personally Build You A Sales Funnel Blueprint, Completely FREE

I am Alexandru, the founder and CEO of FunnelExpert.com and TrafficExpert.com and I've been the “engineer” behind many of the most successful product launches in this industry.

So far I’ve built over 142 different sales funnels across 21 different niches and run a 30-person company with two offices in different parts of the world.

My clients and products have been featured in places like CNN, ABC News, Fox News, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

01 1 - 58K Case Study
02 1 - 58K Case Study

And sure, all of this sounds impressive, but what I am most proud of is that I’ve found a way to not only make money, but also live a very stress-free life with a lot of free time on my hands.

Having built so many sales funnels in such diverse industries and for clients from various backgrounds, I’ve discovered that there is a HUGE difference between just making a lot of money online and making a lot of money online but also having the time to enjoy the freedom that the money brings you.

What I found was that there’s a universal approach for starting and running an information business that, when used properly, turns cold traffic into cold hard cash like clockwork and faster than anything else out there I’ve ever seen.

This universal approach is based on a…

“Proven 3-STEP FORMULA That Easily  Generates Sales On Autopilot”

Now, before I reveal the formula, I have to be completely honest…

I discovered it by accident. I wish it happened otherwise, so I could brag about how smart I am, but it was kind of by accident.

The truth is, the formula was triggered by 3 separate events which happened quickly one after the other.

All of these events gave me HUGE revelations and once the dust settled, I realized that if I could find a way to merge these 3 steps that I discovered into a single formula, then both my clients and I could greatly benefit from it.

Here’s exactly how these 3 events happened…

04 1 - 58K Case Study

Event #1:

“Here’s How We Built A Digital Product That Dominated The Marketplace And Generated $300k+ In Sales”

16 1 - 58K Case Study

About two years ago we built one of the best product we’ve built thus far.

Since then we’ve had many other best-selling products in different marketplaces, but it was here where I came to an important realization.

We built a 5-hour video course accompanied by worksheets, PDFs and blueprints.

That product went on to dominate the ClickSure marketplace and generate over $300k in sales in a very short period of time.

“#1 On Clicksure for Weeks, Very Low Refund Rates and Made A Ton Of Money”

43 1 - 58K Case Study
66 - 58K Case Study

Alexandru and his team produce top quality products. They make your life easy and ALWAYS produce and deliver on time every time.

Not only that, Alexandru always gives ideas on how to improve certain things, which is an added bonus!

My product was #1 on ClickSure for weeks and had very low refund rates and made a ton of money.

If you're thinking about hiring them… go for it. You will make more money in the long run.

Building a product that provides MASSIVE value makes everything easier. If it’s a great product, your refund rate will be very low and you’ll be able to easily get affiliates and JV partners to promote it and practically do the work for you.

The secret to creating an award-winning product that customers will go crazy over is made out of 3 steps.

  • Step 1: Create a Product for a HUNGRY Market

  • Step 2: Provide Step-by-Step Instructions
    Based On Proven-to-Work Methods

  • Step 3: Keep It Stupid Simple

That’s it. Sticking to these 3 simple steps guarantees a great digital product.

Once you’ve made sure you are successfully serving a hungry market, it’s time to put your proven methods in a piece of paper and then organize them and share them in a step-by-step matter.

And while you do all of this, make sure you are keeping it stupid simple, so anyone can easily consume the product you’re putting out.

Event #2:

“Terence Used Our Sales Funnel To Generate  $58,634 In Sales In Just 7 Days”

To be honest, $58k in sales is not really a big deal, but what amazed me was how quickly a brand new funnel was able to generate $58k. This was the first time one of my clients made $58k in just 7 days.

“$58k From Alexandru’s Funnels In Just 7 Days!!”

41 - 58K Case Study
65 - 58K Case Study

Hey, it’s Terence Tan here and I just want to take a minute and tell you about my experience with Alex and his team at FunnelExpert.com

We worked on a lot of different projects together, in several niches, from weight loss and making money online to hypnosis and every single project was a success and they became profitable very quickly.

Now, on one of the projects we worked on, I was able to do $58k in sales within just 7 days.

In fact, I was so confident in these funnels that for my latest project, I ordered five of them, all at once! And I’m confident that I will at least triple my investment in the first few weeks alone.

I’ve been around in the IM industry for a while now and have done different things in it. I’ve been a top affiliate for one of the biggest MLM companies.

I’ve had six and seven figure launches, have been speaking at huge offline events all over the world… needless to say I’ve worked with a lot of people in this industry.

So I can honestly vouch for Alex and recommend him to anyone who is interested in building their own profitable business.

Get in touch with Alex and his team now. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

This funnel was based on 4 Unique Pillars that are designed to take in ice cold traffic and turn it into cold hard cash like clockwork.

Here are our 4 Proprietary Sales Funnel Pillars Terence used…

04 1 2 - 58K Case Study

Pillar #1: The “Cost Neutralizer” Funnel

The only goal of this funnel is to return your advertising money right away and neutralize the expenses you had.

In other words, whatever you spend on advertising on a specific day has to return back to you on that same day.

05 - 58K Case Study

Pillar #2: “PLF-Style” Funnel

What's unique about this campaign is the psychology behind it. We start off by delivering MASSIVE GOODWILL through our free, valuable content.

This is one of the structures we've used to consistently earn six figures from low key, no-pressure, hype-free product promotions. The idea for this funnel is based on Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

The PLF (Product Launch Formula) is designed to launch and present a new product to your audience. And it’s based on providing valuable, upfront content and then selling them your full product or formula.

06 - 58K Case Study

Pillar #3: Evergreen “LIVE” Selling Machine

The evergreen webinar funnel is designed to work on complete autopilot and deliver “live” presentations around the clock, 24/7.

We've deployed the Evergreen Webinar Funnel Campaign for all kinds of clients across multiple markets with great success.

These webinars resemble live webinars, but run the exact same webinar recording for everyone.

07 - 58K Case Study

Pillar #4: Trial Offer Funnel

If we aren’t able to get your subscribers to buy your product with the content-packed video series and the webinar, then we move on to the Trial Offer Funnel.

The point of this campaign is to make the product irresistible for them and remove price objections by giving them a way to try out the product for 3 days before paying the full price for it.

And we do that by giving them access to the product for only $1 for 3 days. Sometimes we do this for 7 days, but in this case we did it for 3.

The reason why everyone needs a sales funnel is because that’s what’s going to take in the traffic and convert it into dollar signs. Having an autopilot, hands-free sales funnel is KEY to increasing your ROI and getting your investment back quickly.

Event #3:

“Here’s How Craig Generated $200k
On The Back-End From Only 5 Clients”

“$200k Deals From My First 5 Clients With This Funnel”

67 - 58K Case Study
68 - 58K Case Study

Alexandru is the guy to have make your funnel. He made one for me almost a year ago and I had an issue, and he rode in on his white horse, guns blazing and fixed it, no questions asked.

I have been online for quite a while and I think that he is not just someone to trust but has the most integrity of anyone I have ever dealt with online. He looks himself in the mirror and likes the guy that looks back. I would not have hired him if I did not feel that way.

Thank you for caring that I have the issue and offering assistance. Most marketers would not even care.

This was the first time I built a super high-ticket back-end funnel for a client and as soon as I saw the results he was getting, I knew I was on to something big.

Then, what I did was trace back my steps to see exactly what this funnel had in place and just took those same steps and applied them to my own funnels that I had running.

I started seeing results literally overnight and it worked without a hitch every single time. That’s when I realized the power of high-ticket back-end offers and what a HUGE ROI you can get thanks to high-ticket offers.

Craig’s back-end funnel was based on 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Case Study / Sales Page

  • Step 2: Application Page

  • Step 3: “Indoctrination” Campaign

The first step contained a soft-sell salespage that provided value first by explaining the case study.

The second step was a simple application page, but with carefully thought-out questions that would later help the sales rep.

And finally, the 3rd step was an indoctrination page designed to make sure people respond to the application the submitted.

The page itself had a few videos with client success stories, but there were also autoresponder emails that went out immediately to make sure the applicant replies and schedules his phone call.

And that’s it. This concludes the 3-step formula…

“I Honestly Believe You Are Just Three Steps Away From The Breakthrough You Need In Your Life”

08 1 - 58K Case Study

And the reason why I believe this is true is because I’ve seen first-hand how many of my clients got their breakthrough as soon as they started applying my formula to their business.

Now, while I’m proud of the multiple seven-figure launches I made happen, I am most proud of being able to help beginners make a breakthrough in this industry and earn a living online that has enabled them to truly live the internet marketing lifestyle that so many try to achieve.

And here’s how I want to help you too…

“I’ll Give You A Custom Blueprint On Exactly How To Apply My 3-STEP FORMULA Specifically  For Your Business” 

Now, I know what you’re wondering…

“Why Would I Give Away Something So Valuable For FREE?”

Well, it’s really simple.

I know that a lot of people I do this for will want to work with me to build their funnel for them.

And that means that we can both grow our business together.

And I think that the best way for me to get clients is to put my money where my mouth is and help you. For free.

13 - 58K Case Study

Now, once we do this for you, one of these two things will happen:

05 1 - 58K Case Study

1. You see the financial potential this blueprint has, and you decide you want to implement it yourself. That’s cool. I will wish you all the best of luck, and we go our separate ways.

06 1 - 58K Case Study

2. You see just how profitable this can be for you, and you want to become one of my successful clients.

In that case, we'll immediately get to work and in just 60 days your new Internet business will be created and put into action.

“Here's What Happens When We Decide  To Work Together” 

Once we decide to work together,
here’s exactly what I’m going to build for you:

17 1 - 58K Case Study

1. Award-Winning-Quality Digital Products

Having built many award-winning digital products, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a top-notch digital product that your market desperately needs.

You’ll get a whole stable of products that will sell like wildfire; videos, eBooks, worksheets, presentations, audios…

18 - 58K Case Study
19 - 58K Case Study

2. Killer Lead Magnets To Build Your List FAST

I’m sure you’ve heard that “the money is in the list”… and it’s true. Being able to send one email and bring in thousands of dollars in cash is nothing to sneeze at.

That’s why we’ll give you powerful lead magnets that will have visitors bowled over by your amazing free content, and rushing to give you their email address.

20 - 58K Case Study

3. Cash-Sucking Copy for Your Sales Page, Upsell Page, Squeeze Page, and Much More

We’ll deliver sales pages, VSL scripts, squeeze page templates, and more…

Good copywriters are almost impossible to find – and are booked out for months when you can get them – but our in-house team are some of the best in the business, and work EXCLUSIVELY for me and my clients…

On top of all that, all these pages will be beautifully designed, all to achieve the higher conversions possible.

21 - 58K Case Study

4. A Massively Profitable Evergreen Sales Webinar

If you want to make maximum money in 2016, you NEED a sales webinar setup.

Some of our clients have even used these same webinars to generate MILLIONS.

That’s why we script, create, and automate an “evergreen” webinar setup for you, so your business can effortlessly turn prospects into customers faster than you can blink...

08 1 1 - 58K Case Study

5. A Robust Affiliate Center

Having an army of super-affiliates ready to promote your products is the easiest way to create huge cash windfalls with zero effort.

That’s why we don’t just ensure the affiliate technology is working effortlessly, we also set up a powerful JV area for any potentially affiliates, making it easy for them to promote your offer.

We’ll even create a page “selling” potential partners on why YOUR offer is the one they should drop everything to promote…

09 1 - 58K Case Study

6. All The Tools You Need To Generate Huge Amounts Of Traffic

Whether you need banners, PPC ads, articles, or solo ads for list swaps, we’ll make sure you have all the competitive information at your fingertips so you can effortlessly drive traffic that is proven to be profitable…

10 1 - 58K Case Study

7. High-Ticket Back-End Setup

We’ll equip you with your very own high-ticket back-end service that you’ll be able to sell to your audience and get paid anything from $1,000 to $5,000 per sale. All you need to do is refer the traffic to us and we’ll sell and fulfill the service and pay you a hefty commission.

11 - 58K Case Study

8. Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns

Having a done-for-you funnel is definitely 90% of the work, but you also need plug-n-play marketing campaigns that you can start using right away.

That’s why we’ll architect and prepare marketing campaigns that you can use to quickly get started.

But even that’s not all…

“You’ll Get Direct, One-On-One Access To My Seven-Figure Business Coaches”

Giving you a funnel without the proper guidance would be like giving you the keys to a rocket ship without any instructions on how to launch it.

That’s why you’ll be getting all the training, documentation and coaching you need to successfully launch and run your new business.

Here’s exactly what your coach will help you with:

  • Design you a custom “Six-Figure Launch and Marketing Plan” to help you reach six figures in the quickest time possible
  • “Funnel Kickstart Session” showing you exactly how to kickstart your funnel and start making money with it
  • “Traffic Kickstart Session” showing you exactly how to start driving traffic from the best sources out there
  • Phone and Email access to your coach for absolutely ANY questions you might have

In short, your coach will be there to help you with any problem you might encounter.

“Here’s How Much It Costs If You Want Me To Build This For You”

21 1 1 - 58K Case Study

The price obviously depends on a lot of factors and once we speak, I will help you decide which package is right for you.

However, the cheapest package we offer starts at $3,500and goes up from there.

If the first thing you’re thinking now is that this is too much money, then this probably isn’t for you.

You need to understand that there is a financial commitment involved in order to build and deploy your online business.

Now, I have no intention to waste time convincing you to work with me by giving you a sales pitch, or using advertising techniques.

I will let my results do that for me…

“This is a rarity on the Internet.”

40 - 58K Case Study

Just like to say that I've engaged Alexandru for some of his services and what's provided is beyond my expectation. Two thumbs up!

In terms of quality, professionalism, communication, this is worth every dollar you spend in my experience. You'll find yourself in good hands, and what really impressed me was Alexandru's commitment to top-notch customer service. He goes above and beyond.

This is a rarity on the Internet. I'm happy to have engaged him and will continue to do so!

“Alexandru and Dabset are at the very top of the Internet marketing game…”

42 - 58K Case Study

I want to take this opportunity to thank Alexandru and his team for the way they managed my project. Highly professional and way above their competition for sure.

I consider myself an experienced marketer who employs the latest technologies and methods for getting the highest conversions possible. I use advanced tools that many marketers never even heard of, but Alexandru and Dabset are at the very top of the Internet marketing industry, there was nothing advanced that I wanted to discuss that they weren’t already familiar with. These guys are not faking it, they really know their stuff. I’ll have plenty of business to do with them in the future!

“…high quality package that I will be able to turn around for big profits.”

44 - 58K Case Study

I have not only received great customer service throughout, but also a high quality package that I will be able to turn around for big profits. Their communication throughout was excellent, and they were happy to change the content to match my exact specifications, which was great for me. They were always very helpful and put my needs first throughout. I can really recommend Dabset to everyone.

“Within the first 7 opt-ins for the webinar, I already have one sale!”

45 - 58K Case Study

I absolute LOVED the work Alex and his team did for me, very professional and extremely fast to respond. I purchased their Ultimate package and the process was simple, fast and very good looking.

But what we care about is the results, right?

Well, I just got my entire sales funnel up, and I tested it with JUST ONE solo ad at 100 clicks. Within the first 7 opt-ins for the webinar, I already have one sale!

...I only spend $35 dollars on the solo ad, this will be my FIRST 100% recoup on a solo ad investment. I am going to purchase again.

Big plans for using this service again...

“…4 sales without ANY promotional activities…”

46 - 58K Case Study

I hired Alexandru and his team for a recent project and I must say I was thrilled with the both the results and the entire process. From the moment I placed the order until the completion of the project the team from Dabset Productions was in constant communication with me at every step of the way.

The delivery of the final product went very smooth, in fact I made 4 sales within the first couple of weeks of receiving the product without any promotional activities at all which was a pleasant surprise. I attribute this to the advanced affiliate center that comes as a standard feature with every package.

It's clear that Alexandru has put together an impeccable team of experts that are second to none in the industry. They take their work very seriously and I would highly recommend them for any upcoming projects you might have.

“…highly impressed with their professional approach and dedication.”

47 - 58K Case Study

I would, with great pleasure, recommend Dabset’s services to anybody. Recently I gave them a big niche project and I'm highly impressed with their professional approach and dedication, it was really beyond my expectation. I'm really happy to have engaged them on this project and it was really worth every penny I spent.

“Alexandru and his team are the real deal.”

49 - 58K Case Study

The team at Dabset is absolutely awesome. The IM product they created for me is fantastic. I love it, very professional and they did everything to fulfill my orders.

They always responded very fast when I had questions or wanted to discuss ideas. If you want to find a great product creator, do not search further. Alexandru and his team are the real deal. Will definitely work with them again.

“…highly impressed with the work Dabset put into the creation of my product.”

50 - 58K Case Study

I must say that I've been very highly impressed with the work Dabset put into the creation of my product.

I was very pleasantly surprised at and deeply appreciative of how insistent the team was that every aspect of my product - the graphics, the squeeze pages, the funnel and the various sales videos - not only worked well, but looked beautiful.

I hope this is just the beginning of a long relationship with 'Team Terrific' at Dabset.

“Made me over $35,000 so far with a potential of over $1 million”

51 - 58K Case Study

“I worked with Alexandru and his team.


I don't want anyone here to work with him.

1) He works way too fast. If you use him, you will be able to get your launches done quicker. That’s more competition for me.

2) He is easy to work with. This means you will end up with exactly what you want, and he might even make some suggestions to improve your product. This means a more effective sales video.

My overall suggestion is that you DO NOT use him unless you are trying to find a quality, affordable way to make a video sales letter.

Help me keep his service a secret, leave this page, come up with an excuse, talk yourself out of buying, say you don't have the money, say you don't have time, say you will find a better deal... use any excuse you can find to tell yourself to NOT take action and buy his services.

Just because "I" like him and his video has made me over $35,000 so far with a potential of over $1 million, doesn't mean that you should use him too.

I love this guy and will work with him OVER and OVER again...that means, you should not work with him, so I can selfishly keep him all to myself!”

“Haven’t even begun promoting the funnel and I already made a sale!”

52 - 58K Case Study

I wanted to leave a review of my experience working with Alexandru and his team. I purchased one of his "done for you" funnels that was just completed. The finished product is top-notch and I'm very happy with the funnel. I was able to review and approve everything along the way, but other then that this is a true hands-off service.

Alexandru and his team are highly communicative, and ensure you always know how things are progressing. They've been very accommodating to slight changes I've had along the way. In addition they've provided a lot of great direction and recommendation of their own to really increase the value of the finished product and enhance the performance of the funnel.

I highly recommend Alexandru's service, you won't be disappointed. I haven't even begun promotion of the funnel yet and just today had an affiliate promote my product and make a sale.

I'm extremely excited to see how things will progress now that the site has launched and the full marketing plan is ready for execution. Thanks for all your hard work Alexandru, now it's time to make some money.

“This guy provides an excellent service and high quality products”

“I have used Alexandru's service and all I can say is that this guy does provide an excellent service and high quality products for a reasonable price.

I was very happy with the videos and Alexandru has done everything to get them done on time. We had some technical issues with a site and he provided several workarounds for that.

All I can say is, I'm very happy with Alexandru's service and I can highly recommend him.”

– Daniel

“Created a few months worth of work in only a matter of days.”

They created a set of videos for me and I was very impressed with the quality service they provided from the beginning to the end. Very professional and customer caring... prompt to answer all the questions I had... and kept making sure with me if this is what I wanted. Very pleasant experience form the beginning to the end.

You just created me a few months worth of work in only a matter of days. Thank you so much!!

– Yuki

“Someone who will care about your product as much as you do”

From my very first email, to the end product Alexandru & his team were absolutely amazing.

I was kept informed of every step & process along the way. From choosing a name for my product to photos, colors, etc.

In the end, my product far exceeded my expectations.

Alexandru & his team made sure of that!

So, if you're looking for someone to work with, someone who will care about your product as much as you do, then Alexandru & his team are the people for you.

I will definitely be working with these guys again.

– Theo

“The final product is of excellent quality, one of the best I have ever seen in my IM career and it is also confirmed by my JV partners”

Alex and his team just delivered my elite sales funnel and the final product is of excellent quality one of the best I have ever seen in my IM career and it is also confirmed by my JV partners to whom I have send the review copies.

They are very eager to promote my product. All the credit goes to Alex and his team. I thank them from the bottom of my heart I can clearly see the earning potential this funnel has and I believe this is the turning point of my life.

At the final stages I made a request to Alex for a major change in the funnel and it was a real time consuming process. I was skeptical whether it will be accepted or not and if Alex had denied my request it would have been totally understandable because it is a daunting task.

But to my astonishment Alex didn’t even give a second thought and accepted my request and told me that 100% customer satisfaction is always his goal. Right there he has won a lifetime customer and If Alex and his team come across something which is working right now that can make the funnel convert better they will seek your approval and implement that on your funnel free of charge.

I mean the value you get from them is unimaginable. I highly, highly recommend Alex’s services. Thank you to Alex and his team for an outstanding experience.

– Nikhil

“Here’s Why This Isn’t Meant For Everyone”

Look, I know my sales funnels can help anyone, but I never said it was meant for everyone…

I simply can’t and won’t work with just anyone. I’m only taking on a maximum of 10 clients every month.

I’d love to be able to take on more, but due to the nature of the service I’m providing, it’s physically impossible for my team to work with more than 10 clients every month.

In order to qualify to work with me...

53 - 58K Case Study

In order to qualify to work with me, you need to meet the following requirements (NO exceptions will be made):

54 - 58K Case Study

1. No push-button software or “get rich quick” schemes

I’m only look to work with people who are ethical and want to make an honest income online. I will not work with anyone promoting a “get rich quick” scheme, selling push-button software, “adult space” or any other weird stuff.

55 - 58K Case Study

2. Be ready to invest in your business

This is not another $7 or $47 eBook. If you’re interested in building a REAL business and starting your online empire, you need to understand that there’s an investment involved.

If you’re just looking for the next “get rich quick” program online, then this most definitely isn’t for you. Please move along.

56 - 58K Case Study

3. You MUST be willing to follow instructions

If you’re not willing to actually implement the stuff we’ll build and show you, and actually take action, then this is not for you.

You have to be motivated, persistent and willing to do what we advise you to in order to succeed.

That’s it! If you meet the criteria above, then here’s what I want you to do next…

“Apply For Your FREE Funnel Blueprint Building Session”

61 - 58K Case Study

First, you'll be taken to a quick little application form thatwill allow me to help you immediately when you speak to us.

Don’t worry, it's nothing intrusive or complex.

This will help us to start working on building your blueprint before we talk so as soon as we get on the phone, we can get started immediately.

You won’t talk to a bored telemarketer, or someone paid a minimum salary to answer our phones.

You will talk to me, to my Head of Funnel Development or to my Executive Business Consultant (whose offices are right next to mine).

Sure, that’s time consuming for me, but it’s the only way to guarantee that you get the absolute top service, and a real, working, unique funnel blueprint.

“What Happens When We Talk?”

First, we listen to your ideas, questions and concerns…

We find out exactly what you want and how you want it.

What your profit expectations are, how many sales you want to close, what kind of traffic you want to drive…

And if you aren’t sure about any of this… we will help you get sure, and give you the best course of action.

62 - 58K Case Study
14 1 - 58K Case Study

Don’t be afraid if you are not 100% sure where to start, we will help you get there.

Next, we start to build the plan to get you to your goals.

We will help you plan out every detail of your new online business, and architect you a diagram for a funnel that works on the principles of the 3-step formula that has brought $17 million in sales for my clients.

“EXTREMELY LIMITED: Only 10 Spots Per Month”

As I mentioned above, the number of people I can work with is extremely limited. I can only work with a maximum of 10 people each month because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it’s physically impossible to work with more than 10 people.

There’s also a huge demand for the done-for-you services we provide here at FunnelExpert.com, so if you feel this is right for you, you need to act immediately.

63 - 58K Case Study

Click the button below, leave your application and let’s
make it happen!

Talk soon,
Alexandru Alin

26 - 58K Case Study