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6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Looking For Amazon Seller Tools to help your Amazon business? In this article, I will share with you 6 Amazon Seller Tools I used and how you can make use of your own Amazon business

One of the biggest online marketplaces or e-commerce sites that provide excellent opportunities for vendors and affiliates alike to make tons of money is is the platform that has made small businesses and retailers become household names.

But as more people continue to give attention to e-commerce, millions of products that cut across all niches or industries are displayed on the platform.

The competition for buyers – by sellers on the Amazon site – has intensified dramatically all across the world.

The platform has become a jungle that only the fittest or savvy survive

. To be among the few that make massive sales on a daily basis, you need to have a clear understanding of your competitor’s products.

You need to also do your homework about the varieties of products that are available on Amazon.

Amazon FBA

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.43.09 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

FBA is one of the Amazon Seller Tools you can access directly in Amazon.

And it can help you boost your Amazon Business.

Being The number one e-commerce site in the world, offers FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) opportunities to every seller around the world.

This is to assist the sellers so that their sales can increase drastically.

The platform charges the sellers for handling their orders, inventory, and shipments. The more sales they make, the more the sellers scale their businesses on the e-commerce platform. In the end, it’s a win-win for everyone.

FBA Fees

The FBA charges or fees vary from one product to another, depending on a product and its variations.

For sellers who desire to make the FBA services profitable for them, they need to focus more on the type of products they are selling.

The sellers also need to consider how much they sell each product so that they can make good money.

Therefore, it is highly crucial for the sellers to have a thorough understanding of their inventory.

It is also vital for them to unearth right products while having a good look at how their competitors are performing. All these components are of utmost importance if they (sellers) want to generate higher profits while maintaining their competitive advantage.

The vast number of products on the e-commerce website is enough to deter any marketer from doing market research.

But this hurdle has already been solved, thanks to the introduction of innovative Amazon product research tools. Product research tools are used to carry out research on your competitors’ products and to find out more about any product variations that are in the marketplace. They are used for appraising the best sellers rank and also for calculating average ratings.

The Importance Of  Product Research Amazon Seller Tools For Amazon Business

Product research tools also disclose pricing history as well as the information about your competitor’s offering. These tools are also useful when it comes to estimating the monthly income of your competitors.

By taking advantage of these tools, you will be able to devise strategies that would help you to beat your competitors on the largest e-commerce website in the world.

The following are some of the most influential, user-friendly Amazon seller tools that you should utilize to maximize your sales:


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.27.26 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Click Here To Visit ASINspecot’s Website

This is one of the Amazon Seller Tools which is designed to help Amazon Business find hot selling products.

This Chrome extension research tool for e-commerce is useful for processing of keyword and product research.

The ASINspector tool will help you decide the type of products to sell as a retailer or affiliate.

ASINspector obtains information from search results and enlists them into a simple table containing relevant data.

The table displays the following:

    Current best sellers rank (BSR)

    Selling price

    Sellers information (FBM, FBA or AMZ)


ASINspector comes with a lot of features which sets it apart from other Amazon seller tools that are currently available.

If you have an e-commerce strategy planned out already, ASINspector is the tool of choice that will help you accomplish the strategy.

This powerful tool is helpful for sellers on either Amazon or Shopify and has been touted to be much more than its purchase.

The following are the main features you can find and use in ASINspector which are excellent for filtering and other options:


    Know Best Seller Ranks

    Revenue Estimator

    Mobile Scan

    Competition Spying

    ASIN Import


    Source Products Quickly

    Brainstorm and Discover

    Store and Save

    Product Pricing

    Reverse Search

    Related Keywords

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.44.16 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

What makes ASINspector unique?

As one of the best known Amazon seller tools.

The unified ASINspector package has a great collection of functionalities that are very useful for e-commerce business.

Making use of the Competition Spying feature will put you miles ahead of your competitors selling similar products to yours.

The Revenue Estimator and Brainstorming tools are particularly useful for you as a seller so that you don’t shortchange yourself.

The pricing plan of the ASINspector tool is also unique; you only need to pay $97 upfront.

Afterwards, you get to pay just $10 per month to use the service.

A lot of users find this pricing model affordable and a bang for your buck.

Pricing of the ASINspector tool

ASINspector has a distinctive payment plan.

To access this service, you need to pay $147 in advance and then pay $10 subsequently.

This model is very favorable for small businesses and quite manageable for a lot of users.

Paying the service fee grants you unlimited access to all the features jam-packed in the ASINspector Amazon seller tool.

You don’t need to worry about getting limited as long as you pay your monthly fee.

Other products or Amazon seller tools like ASINspector come with multiple plans with limiting features to higher paid plans. But you won’t find this with when using ASINspector.

As soon as your upfront and monthly payments are confirmed, you have access to ev


ery feature or tool.

Lone payment plan of ASINspector: $147 in advance, then $10 per month.

Can the ASINspector tool be improved in any way?

Well, no tool in the world has everything. Although it is possible that improvements have been made over the years, a few things might be amiss.

For instance, a few users have noted at one time that external links were inaccurate. These external links were supposed to link to other e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and Walmart.

Although ASINspector showcases incredible features, you shouldn’t expect it to do everything for you.

For ASINspector to work magic for your business, you need to use its features well.

In conclusion, ASINspector is an exceptional tool for e-commerce business owners who want to enhance their selling.

The research and analytic capabilities provided by the software is priceless. Spying on your competitors is superb as well as finding related keywords. This is why the ASINspector software will continue to remain an all-time favorite of many e-commerce sellers globally.

Therefore, ASINspector is the software of choice if you need:

    The best tool to analyze data

    Help in finding products with low completion and excellent potential for ROI (return on investment).

You can Click Here To Learn More About ASINspector

Jungle Scout


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.39.06 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Click here to visit their website

This is also one of the best Amazon seller tools for your Amazon Business.

If you are looking for an e-commerce tool that helps online users to carry out product research on,

then Jungle Scout is one of the best. It is an excellent product research tool for gathering data from Amazon search results and product listings. Jungle Scout exists as Chrome extension as well as a web application and comes with several plans you can choose from.

It is a powerful tool which is packed with amazing features that Amazon sellers will find valuable.

For sellers who want to streamline aspects of their e-commerce business, Jungle Scout is the best option.


Jungle Scout possesses several great features that many types of sellers have found useful in their e-commerce business. Here are some of them outlined below:

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.47.54 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Chrome Extension and Web App options

Sellers who want to use Jungle Scout have two options to choose from: the Google Chrome Extension or the Web Application option.

If you desire to obtain results instantaneously, then the best option to make use of is the Chrome Extension.

But if you prefer planning and laying things out tactically or cleverly, then go for the Web Application option.

Product Database

The Jungle Scout e-commerce service also provides a massive product database.

Finding Amazon products and items just got easier with the product database.

This is because you can apply filters to different search criteria on the e-commerce platform.

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.48.17 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Niche Hunter

For users that are confused about finding a niche, this feature makes it easy for them.

You can quickly find a niche that you are interested in using this feature.

Narrowing down the products that work well on Amazon becomes easier since it also enhances research.

Product Hacker –

For users who want to hunt down products and their information, the Product Hacker feature does that very well.

This is the feature to make use of whenever you decide to keep an eye on the details of products and how well they perform over time.

Click Here To Visit Jungle Scout’s Website

What makes Jungle Scout unique?

Jungle Scout’s unique features are outstanding, and its availability as a Google Chrome Extension is a winner.

Users can quickly locate product information while browsing without the need to use external software.

Jungle Scout is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operation systems, thanks to its availability as a Chrome Extension.

It can also be used on any operating system that supports Chrome.

Jungle Scout offers great information – useful metrics – such as:

    Bestsellers rank

    Number of reviews

    Average ratings

    Monthly sales estimates

    Average price, etc.

Jungle Scout also provides the following data:

    Profit Calculator – This feature calculates the net payment after subtracting Amazon’s share

    OverSize Indicator – This feature provides information about your selected product, whether it is available in oversized dimensions, too

    Seasonal Trends – With Seasonal Trends, you can get access to old keyword trends for the few months or years

    FBA fees – This is the fee that associates with each product on is platform

    Dimensions and Weight – This is where you obtain information regarding the varying FBA charges according to the size and weight of the products.
Products that are heavier incur high FBA charges or fees and this could drastically affect your profit margin in the long run.

Using the metrics from Jungle Scout, you can then make use of the filtering feature to narrow down your search criteria.

This will only bring results that are relevant and of interest to you.

Click Here To Visit Jungle Scout’s Website


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 11.01.57 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Jungle Scout comes with several pricing options that users can benefit from.

You can choose the plan fits your Amazon Business the best.

But this depends mostly on the size of your e-commerce business and your needs.

The Google Chrome Extension pricing is available in two versions: Lite and Pro versions respectively.

The Lite version is an affordable plan for new sellers who are still researching the potential for profitability on the platform.

The Pro version, on the other hand,  

Google Chrome Extension:

    Lite – $87

    Pro – $147

The Web Application version of Jungle Scout offers several pricing plans: startup, standard, and business plans respectively.

The startup plan is perfect for beginners while both the standard and business plans come with more powerful features and add-ons.

The following are the plans for Jungle Scout – Web Application version:

    Startup – $29

    Standard – $49

    Business – $69

What could be improved upon with Jungle Scout?

Well, for starters, beginners may not find it easy to pay for the different pricing plans of Jungle Scout.

This is because the costs of most of these plans are excessively high.

It appears to be more suitable for users who have some experience with an e-commerce business. This set of users can easily afford any of the pricing plans of Jungle Scout.

The Web Application and Google Chrome package are beneficial for users.

Nevertheless, some users would have loved it if a package deal that features both the Web app and Chrome version exists. With this in place, a lot more people could enjoy the benefits of using both.

In conclusion, for e-commerce sellers looking to hit it big on Amazon Business, Jungle Scout is an excellent option.

The features embedded in the software provide unique insights or information on products listed on Amazon.

The software also helps in the narrowing down of products as well as selecting a niche.

The tools and analytics in the Jungle Scout software help users in taking their e-commerce business to a higher level.

It will also enable them to operate more efficiently.

Simplifying product research on Amazon with Jungle Scout just got easier and better.

Click Here To Visit Jungle Scout’s Website



Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.39.55 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Click Here To Visit Their Website

ManagebyStats is a suite of software tools used online by sellers on and was created by Amazon sellers.

The function of this online tool is to provide functionalities that are not offered by the Amazon platform or other related services.

The software suite discloses data on the following:

    tools for sales

    automated email notifications

    inventory and customer management

    keyword and feedback feature

    email campaigns and review

Email Appending

ManagebyStats also offers phone and email append service, which can collect your buyer email and phone data from your order detail.

They also provide an ‘appends’ option for anyone who does not even have a registered account on

The ‘Seller Tools’ is the main feature that is available on the ManagebyStats software.

The Seller Tools is continually evolving, with more features continuously added.

This tool acquires all your Amazon information comprising customer details to inventory to sales. The tool makes this information available at your fingertips, making it easy to access. It also gives you total transparency so that you are up to date with the latest Amazon seller data.

Click Here To Visit Their Website


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.58.51 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

SellerMail is an automatic, advanced email tool that Amazon sellers love to take advantage of.

And i use it for my own Amazon Business as well.

When a buyer pays for a product on Amazon, SellerMail automatically schedules and sends a sequence of emails to the buyer.

You, the seller, have complete control over the content of the email and when the messages are sent.

The emails are customized for product lines, brands or individual products.

You cannot use the SellerMail feature outside ManagebyStats or as a separate service.

You can only use this feature when you have an active account on the ManagebyStats platform.

The Email and Phone Append Services is a data processing service – available for the US market only – that helps sellers with email campaigns. This data service adds real email addresses to customer records without that information.

The following features and benefits are available on ManagebyStats:

    ManagebyStats shows statistical graphs by day, week, month, and year. Each chart covers refunds, sales, Amazon payouts, and cost of goods

    ManagebyStats discloses a searchable list of orders and allows you to move between customer data and orders. Here, you can see all the orders from one specific buyer, and you can categorize based on the number of purchases. This is how you know your repeat buyers

    ManagebyStats reveals seller account, overall totals, product line, brand, product name, SKU or ASIN

    ManagebyStats showcases payment history and gives you access to other features

Click Here To Visit Their Website


ManagebyStats comes with pricing plans with no setup fee. But you can also gain access to the 14-day trial.

Here are the pricing plans for ManagebyStats – $39.97 per month. You can get discount pricing for 3 months and a one-year prepay.

SellerMail Pricing tiers are as follows:

i.    Free: 1,000 emails sent. Overage is billed at $8 per 1,000 emails sent

ii.    $20 per month: 4,000 emails sent. Overage is billed at $12 per 2,000 emails sent

iii.    $40 per month: 10,000 emails sent. Overage is billed at $10 per 2,000 emails sent

iv.    $80 per month: 30,000 emails sent. Overage is billed at $10 per 3,000 emails sent

v.    $160 per month: 100,000 emails sent. Overage is billed at $16 per 10,000 emails sent

Pricing for Email and Phone Append services

For ManagebyStats subscribers – 0.16 cents per record, with a minimum of $200

For non-subscribers of ManagebyStats – 0.25 cents per matched email record, minimum: $400.

Click Here To Visit ManageByState’s Website


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.40.47 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Click Here To Visit Their Website

MerchantWords is the first market research tool that sellers utilized on the platform.

And it can not only help your Amazon Business, but also other ecom business

The only drawback with this market keyword research tool is that they do not offer Reverse ASIN search.

The search terms garnered by MerchantWords are also obtained from other sites like Amazon, Walmart, and

Using MerchantWords is fairly straightforward. Here is the breakdown:

i.    Enter your search term

ii.    Filter category (this is optional)

iii.    Obtain results

iv.    Filter as required

v. Evaluates the results

vi.    Download the results/data as a.CSV file (optional as well)

MerchantWords is not as perfect as other Amazon keyword product research tool.

But it does one thing exceedingly well; provides vital insights into what buyers are already searching for on the platform.

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.56.01 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

When using MerchantWords, some principles need to be considered:

    Take into account the number of significant competitors

    Deliberate on the significance of the product to your search phrase

    Check the search term on

    Reassess the search term on the Google Keyword Planner tool

In conclusion, MerchantWords is not a perfect tool because of several factors, though the results can be valuable. MerchantWords is ideal if all you need are the search terms potential buyers are typing in on Amazon.


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.41.22 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Click Here To Visit Clickfunnel’s website

Clickfunnels is a must-have tool for all digital marketers, it’s one of the best Amazon seller tools as well

i used it to build my websites and sales funnels, and it’s a must have for your Amazon Business.

Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 11.05.45 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business


ClickFunnels is a powerful tool that was created by business owners and internet marketers.

It helps sellers to identify the right customers and the right traffic. It will also help to save you a lot of money.

Clickfunnels is a platform that offers sellers several features which are interconnected but geared towards one purpose.

is to generate leads and increase sales conversion significantly for your product or business.

Sales Funnels are websites that come with several pages that your potential buyers must go through before buying your product.

They are very powerful and effective in boosting sales conversion.

Clickfunnels comes with its own autoresponder service known as ‘Actionetics’ and is free of charge as long as you use Clickfunnels. Actionetics help to send targeted messages to your customers, thus increasing sales conversion.

Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial for users so you can test the efficacy of the platform before paying for it.

Click Here To Visit Clickfunnel’s website


Screen Shot 2018 01 07 at 10.41.47 AM - 6 Powerful Amazon Seller Tools That Help You 10X Your Amazon Business

Thought this is not a typical Amazon seller tools, this is a must have for all Amazon business

Shopify is another e-commerce platform that is similar to but has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

Its integration with the Amazon platform allows sellers to sell on from their Shopify stores.

You can use Shopify to create your online store in less than 60 seconds. You also get to sell products and gain access to unlimited bandwidth.

Since the same SEO principles apply to Google, ranking your Shopify store should be your ultimate.

When your online store is fully optimized for your targeted keywords, your visibility will improve. Then you end up making more sales.

Finding out your current rank and then boosting it should be your target. You can do this by using the following:

    Google Webmaster Tools

    Google Trends

    Google Keyword Planner

Click Here To Visit Shopifyl’s website

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