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Best Sellers on Amazon Top 100 ? Simple Trick to Spot Them

Are you wondering what’s Best Sellers on Amazon Top 100? This article will show you how to spot them?

Have you recently chosen your niche and you want to know which products to sell to make more money?

Are you searching for hot selling products on Amazon that you can include into your own niche?

Whatever your purpose might be, being able to find and spot the best sellers on Amazon Top 100 can do you a big favor.

Once you have fully committed yourself to selling on Amazon,

it is always a must to stay updated with the best sellers in your particular niche.

This way, you can either keep up with the demand by improving your listing, or you can then try to include the similar best selling items into your offers.

When you speak of the best sellers on Amazon Top 100,

this refers to the running average of the site’s top 100 best-selling products on any specific day.

If you are really serious about your journey to becoming a good and thriving Amazon seller,

this is a very interesting page you have to watch and monitor as much as you can.

From the Best Sellers tab, you will be able to drill down to the Top 100 best-sellers for numerous categories as well as subcategories.

It is a very useful tool to use when researching about the best selling items for every niche.

From that page, you can then click on other tabs found on at the top for you to see and browse through the following:

Movers & Shakers 

This particular page will show you the items which are moving up fast in the best sellers rank in all the categories.

It can either indicate seasonal sales or a hot trend. If you are serious about selling on the site, this specific page is really interesting to watch.

Similar to the Best Sellers pages, Movers & Shakers section could be drilled down to check specific subcategories and categories. It is helpful when trying to find hot items in a certain niche.

Hot New Releases 

This specifically tracks new product listings on Amazon which have trending upswing in terms of sales.

Similar to other pages, it is also possible to further drill down for you to check the Hot New

Releases in certain categories as well as subcategories.

It is yet another useful page to see what is popular and new in the niche categories.

Most Wished For 

It tracks those items that the registered users on Amazon are saving or adding to their own wish lists. This doesn’t show purchases yet it will still give you a great idea of the preferences of customers.

Gift Ideas 

It tracks the items that registered users on Amazon are buying as gifts as shown on their order checkout.

The page is a great indicator of the best sellers in the niche categories for numerous holiday-related, seasonal, and specialty items.

If you are hoping to find a gold nugget of opportunity, finding the best sellers on Amazon Top 100 can go a long way.

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