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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Should You Get It ? Shocking Answer

If you have come across Dropshipping Lifestyle that was created by Anton Kraly, you might be wondering how it works.

Well, many people have already considered it and some were happy with the results.

But, how good is it? Is this business model legit? Is it a course with a good resource to learn how to launch your online store successfully?

An Overview of Drop Ship Lifestyle

Drop Ship Lifestyle or DSL is a 7 step by step module course teaching you the ways to go from nothing all the way to successfully profitable operating niche online store. The

program is in digital format and it comes with supplemental text.

Other than the core program, you will also be able to access private members forum, a comprehensive PPC Adwords course, Shopify design course, and an invite to live four-day DSL retreats.

Dropshipping Lifestyle Retreat is a yearly event, which often includes co-working, expert talks, lifestyle activities, and networking opportunities. Only the members of DSL could attend this event.

Core Modules of Drop Ship Lifestyle

The seven core modules are the Dropshipping Lifestyle’s lifeblood. Every module has a slew of valuable videos on what you need to do to take your online store to a whole new level.

  • Niche Selection

Choosing your niche is the key in any kinds of business, particularly for online businesses.

You might think you have several great niche ideas to begin your online store around, but you’ll be shocked after watching such videos. You will realize that you must probably ignore some niches you have in mind.

The reason behind it is that Anton will show you the ones that work and those that don’t. You will also know the reasons why you should be based on his trial and error.

You’ll be copying the success of one of the top drop shippers in the market. With his guidance, you’ll also learn the kinds of products you can sell online, how much money you will make, how you can avoid niches that have more customer service issues and returns.

Once you are done with this module, you’ll start thinking of the new ideas you had not thought of in the past. If you have ideas, you may submit them to Anton and he’ll provide you his recommendations and advice about your ideas. It only shows how much support you’ll get from Anton along with his team.

  • Market Research

This core module will teach you the ways to do appropriate market research.

You’ll examine your competitors and see the items they offer and which supplier they use. It is a straightforward concept and Anton will guide you throughout the process.

Once you’re done with this module, you will start building lists of the supplier, which you could work with.

  • Create and Build Your Online Store

In any drop shipping business, one of the daunting things of starting is creating an online store that all of your customers will like. You need to oversee everything like adding new items, payment options, technical issues, and design.

With this module, you’ll learn everything you should know to have a successful store online.

  • Get Dropshippers

It contains the things you should know about contacting the suppliers and getting the wholesale account approved with them.

  • Optimizing Your Online Store

You’ve already established your online store and have started getting traffic. It’s great yet traffic alone doesn’t lead to sales or conversions. It is a huge challenge that most store owners face.

This module will help you learn the ways to make changes and adjustments to your store online to boost your conversion rates. You’ll learn the best way to convert visitors into your actual buyers.

  • Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Launching blogs, online stores or websites just to struggle driving more traffic is frustrating. It is like a tree without fruits. Through this module, you’ll learn the ways to get more traffic to your store online.

Such techniques include, yet aren’t limited to Amazon product ads, SEO banner ads, The-Find, and Google Shopping. Anton will also show you the possible ways to generate paid and free traffic, so do not worry about the need to spend lots of money for you to get started. It’s something that nobody else will teach you to do, yet in this module, it is possible.

  • Automation

It isn’t a must to be successful, yet it’s something you could do once your store online is profitable.

This module will also show you the ways to keep your store buzzing while doing little work in exchange for an extra cost.

For instance, he’ll show you the ways to use a particular app that costs about $15 monthly to automate particular tasks. However, it isn’t required to use those tools, yet it’s helpful once your store becomes much bigger.

What Will You Like about Drop Ship Lifestyle?

  • The method works well.
  • The video tutorials are made with members in mind.
  • There’s a private members forum where you can ask some questions and get answers instantly from all of your concerns.
  • Get an instant access to live events.
  • It offers great shopping cart choice.
  • It includes comprehensive training course for Adwords.
  • New additions offer enhancements to the course, enabling members to benefit more.

What’s the drawback of Dropshipping Lifestyle?

  • Criteria on selecting niches require more improvement since it’s the most important part in online businesses.
  • SEO strategy is not included, which is a bad thing for some users. Yet, if you already have some SEO strategies, it is not a bigger problem.
  • The price itself it extremely high and isn’t for any business

The Verdict

Drop Ship  Lifestyle is designed by a smart guy named Anton Kraly to help those who want to know about the magic of dropshipping and how you can be successful. Other than the step by step process, the support you can get is from Anton and some members in the private forums.

The downside of this course is the price, the basic package is $1297 and may not be affordable for most beginners


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