DS Domination Review – Don’t Buy It , Here is Why

If you have plans to start your own eCommerce business anytime soon,

the first thing you should know is that this can be a very time-consuming activity.

But, the good news is that there are now a lot of things to help make things much simpler and even more convenient.

You can choose from a wide array of eCommerce tools which will help you manage, search,

and market your product offerings and make the whole business process automated.

DS Domination is one great example of these tools.

In this DS Domination review, you will get to learn more about the product, and what you can expect to get from using it.

DS Domination: An Overview

DS Domination is basically a one of kind platform focusing on eCommerce.

Essentially, it is a special course which helps people get a good understanding of how they can earn some profits with the use of the internet through the process of drop shipping.

In case you are not that familiar with drop shipping, this is when a supplier of product ships out every individual order you receive on your behalf.

What makes this process great is that there is no longer a need for sellers to purchase things from the suppliers ahead of time.

When someone purchases a product, it is the only time the seller buys the product from the supplier,

with the supplier shipping out the purchased item.

Drop shipping is considered to be a lucrative business model which is now being used by a lot of people to make money online.

It is also what inspired the makers of DS Domination to start their own businesses.

Usually, they offer products which can be found on the Amazon website at a slightly higher price.

It is a very straightforward approach which doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

Basically, what happens is that you purchase from Amazon, and the shipping address is set to the person who placed an order for that item.

DS Domination Review: Basic Structure

The platform and program have been based on complex structure. It will be up to the users to choose the specific level they would like to reach.

As expected, every type of training or course will come with a different price.

For example, to help you get started in the field, you can take advantage of the Pro Level Training that comes at $19.95 every month.

You can also opt for more advanced training options which cost around $99 to $499.

While some of these are one-time fees, there are others that are fees you have to pay every month.

Training modules are also made available which teach online sellers of how to improve their drop shipping activities.

Among the primary lessons of the program is to start small and offer cheaper items prior to moving to a more expensive product.

Quick Explanation of the DS Domination Modules

The key strategy you will learn from DS Domination is to purchase items from Amazon and resell these for a higher price.

After that, when somebody purchases the item from eBay,

the only thing that you should do is to purchase from Amazon and set shipping information to the one who purchased from eBay.

It is a simple eCommerce strategy, which most people use, yet it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Pro Level is a basic training level that includes some helpful videos.

Once you have reached the Elite module of DS Domination,

things will get more exciting as it is a part of more advanced training.

The Unleashed module of DS Domination teaches the sellers on the ways to use eCommerce tools to expand their business online.

The list continues with the Monopoly of DS Domination.

With this, you’ll know more about the best-selling items and how you can maximize your profits.

Other than that, you will have a chance to learn more about Amazon as well as how you can build the ideal Amazon listing.

You may also consider promoting DS Domination as an affiliate. For you to be one, you have to join the program for $9.95 every month.

The market extreme pack basically teaches the members on how to market every single course that’s included in DS Domination.

Moreover, you will get the most effective and best marketing materials to promote this course.

The Good about DS Domination

One of the things you will like about DS Domination is its training material. The videos are in depth and well made.

You will also love the concept of drop shipping since most people struggle with this problem in the world of eCommerce.

If you could solve this problem, it will not be hard to create an eCommerce business.

DS Domination will teach you how to utilize built-in features of a platform as drop shipping company.

The Drawback About  DS Domination

Although the idea of DS Domination is exceptional, you will notice in the long run that the information provided is a bit outdated.

You’ll feel like this was written several years ago and wasn’t updated ever since it was launched.

Even if the same concepts work, eBay and Amazon changed their regulations yearly,

so it isn’t as simple to use. It would also be a good idea to realize that the profit margins are little low,

particularly if you purchase from Amazon and decide to sell on eBay.

Take listings from Amazon and look for it on eBay. Then, you will likely see an exact same item with only small price variations.

The ideas provided in DS Domination are interesting,

yet they aren’t as simple as they seem and there are other programs that can offer you easy to follow instructions that are much worthy of your time.

The Bottom Line

To top it all, you will love the idea of the DS Domination, yet it requires an update on the training materials.

Some of the creators might have moved to other projects and are not working on this program anymore.

if you want to start your Ecom business with that info, I won’t recommend it 

So Is There Any Alternative?

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