Screen Shot 2017 12 16 at 1.15.58 AM - FBA meaning - What Does Fulfilled by Amazon Mean? How to Use Amazon FBA?

FBA meaning – What Does Fulfilled by Amazon Mean? How to Use Amazon FBA?

Wondering FBA meaning? This article I will share What Does Fulfilled by Amazon Mean and How to Use Amazon FBA.

What does Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon FBA) mean?

If this is the first time you have heard or read about FBA, it is only natural to be a bit confused as to how this works.

FBA meaning -What is Amazon FBA?

FBA is a type of business model which lets you leverage the extensive customer base and distribution network of Amazon.

Here, Amazon is going to warehouse the products you are selling, fulfill orders as well as offer customer service in order to eliminate the need for you to be completely hands-on on all aspects of your business.

For entrepreneurs, it only means that you will be able to act like that of big corporations but this time, there are no headaches involved of actually being one.

It lets you focus on looking for product opportunities as Amazon takes care of the rest for you.

In the traditional eCommerce business, there is a need for you to identify the logistics of shipping your items to customers in the fastest and timeliest manner possible.

But, with the help of FBA, the Prime members will be able to have most of their orders shipped to the doors of their customers in a matter of 2 to 5 days.

Also a very common challenge in eCommerce stores is trying to inventory and list extra products for sale which can then make your business more complex.

With FBA, the only thing you have to do is ship your products to the warehouse of Amazon.

And from there, the company is going to handle things on your behalf.

It will be easier for you to add to your selection of products with no need to add to your existing workload.

How to Use Amazon FBA

Now that your question what does Fulfilled by Amazon mean, the next thing to know is how you can use Amazon FBA.

Before you can start, see to it that the products you plan to sell will really make money.

As there are fees charged for product handling and storage, you have to ensure that these fees will not affect profit margins significantly.

Fees can differ according to the type, weight, and size of products.

After you decided to really do it the FBA way, you can proceed to creating your Amazon professional seller account followed by listing all your products.

Next, you will send your properly packaged products to the warehouses of Amazon.

You can either label your products on your own, or you can pay Amazon at $0.20 for each item to do it for you.

When you are done labeling or not labeling your items, you can distribute them to individual centers of FBA,

…or you can send these to Amazon to use the site’s Fulfillment Placement service for distributing your products.

The choice you make will depend on your inventory. 

The former option could be ideal for smaller quantities of inventory, while the latter best suits those larger enterprises.

That’s it! With FBA, Amazon is going to handle the packaging, processing, and shipping of your products to fulfill the orders of your customers.


now that you learned FBA meaning – What Does Fulfil by Amazon Mean and How to Use Amazon FBA.

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