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[Quick Answer] How Can I Sell My Product on Amazon ? Can I Sell On Amazon As An Individual?

If you are wondering ” How Can I Sell My Product on Amazon ” or “Can I Sell On Amazon As An Individual” , Then This article will give you some quick tips to start 

If you want to make some extra cash The best thing you can do is to learn how to sell products on Amazon. Many people are trying this venture and a majority of them are now successful. However, for you to be an effective seller, you have to keep some things in mind. Most of you would ask “ How can I sell my product on Amazon ”? Well, it’s not that hard. In fact, the process is easy. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

Decide What You Like to Sell

There are more than twenty product categories that are open to every seller and at least ten more are available only to the Professional sellers. So, what can you sell? Products on open categories can be anything without particular permission from Amazon. Several categories only let listings for new products. There are also some categories that have other guidelines that sellers should follow.

The products in the categories that require approval may be listed with particular permissions from Amazon. Only the sellers with Professional Selling Plan subscription are allowed to sell in such categories. Amazon also limits access to sell in these categories for them to ensure that all sellers will be able to meet the standards for listing and product quality and some category-specific requirements. Such standards also help the Amazon customers to have confidence when purchasing any category.

Pick Your Preferred Selling Plan

There are 2 available selling plans on Amazon. These selling plans offer you the flexibility to sell one to hundreds of products you want. Its Professional plan offers you the chance to sell an unlimited number of products and pay $39.99 for the subscription every month. Individuals Plan pay no monthly fees, yet rather pay $0.99 for each item sold. Both Individuals and Professionals Plan pay some selling fees when the items sell.

Whenever you are selecting a Selling Plan, consider products you like to list. Both Professional sellers and Individuals sellers can list the products in more than twenty categories. For Professional sellers, there are ten categories available in which they need to apply for permission as well as meet requirements

Register and Begin Listing

Make your own account on the Seller Central of Amazon. It is a web interface where you can manage your own selling account.

Start Selling

Once you’re registered, selling on Amazon is a simple 4-step process and this includes:

  • Add Products – You may add products to Amazon Marketplace catalog anytime you want. If you are subscribed to Professional Plan, you may add products by batch using the bulk tools.
  • Sell – After listing your products, customers will be able to see them on Amazon. Ensure that your product listing is accurate and includes high-quality images of products.
  • Ship – Amazon will notify you once some customers placed an order. You should use FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon and enable Amazon to do shipping. But, you can also handle shipping on your own.
  • Start Earning – Amazon will deposit payments into your bank account and would notify you if the payment was already sent.

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