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How to Create An Amazon Seller Account ? 3 Easy Steps To Follow

If you are wondering how to create an Amazon seller account this article will give you steps you can follow

How to Create An Amazon Seller Account

So, you have finally decided to sell on Amazon

And this time, you are ready to take the next step of signing up or registering as an official seller.

You might think

What will happen once you register?

when you can become an Amazon seller after signing up? 

What are the steps you have to take right away to gear up your store for your new customers?


For you to sign up or create your own Amazon seller account, there are several self-service options that you can try:

Steps To Create An Amazon Account

  1. Go to and click the Selling on Amazon option found on the bottom left part.
  2. Go to and click on Sell on Amazon box or the Selling on Amazon link.
  3. Click on the Sell button that you can find on the top part of the home page of

It is not really important which of these three choices you will choose for starting your process of registration as these are all just the same.

After that, it is no time to decide what specific type of seller you would like to be, whether an individual seller or a professional seller.

 professional seller v.s individual seller

A professional seller is basically a seller who plans to list more than several products.

Professional seller expected to become a regular seller in the future.

On the other hand, an individual seller is a seller that has few products

And individual seller with only does selling in a short span of time.

A good example is when you just want to clean out your cupboards from old gifts you no longer use and would like to sell on Amazon instead of selling them locally or a college student who wants to sell a few used textbooks at the end of the semester.


Although the process of registration is very straightforward and could be finished in less than an hour, there are still some pieces of information that you would like to prepare ahead of time to streamline the whole process.

Even though the rules on how to create Amazon seller account differ from one country to another, let’s focus on how to register on the US marketplace.

You can choose to stop the process halfway through and return later, but it will be much easier to pull together these 5 pieces of information prior to proceeding with the registration process.

  1. The legal business name, contact information, and address
  2. An email address which can be used for the company account.
    The email account must already be set up since you will start to receive important emails from Amazon right away.
  3. A phone number to contact you during the process of registration so make sure you have your phone next to you during registration.
  4. An internationally chargeable credit card complete with a valid billing address.
    Your registration will be canceled once the credit card number is invalid.
  5. Your tax identity information, either the Federal Tax ID number of your company or your Social Security number.

These are the steps on how to create Amazon seller account. By providing these pieces of information, you will instantly become a registered Amazon seller.

Now you have learned how to create an Amazon seller account

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