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How to Find Best Things to Sell on Amazon – What You Should Know

Wondering How to Find Best Things to Sell on Amazon ? In this article i will show you some tips you can follow

Whether you have a selling experience or just getting started, you can always find products that you can sell on Amazon. But, before you start your search, it would be a good idea if you will look at what make the items profitable for the sellers like you. From sturdiness, ship weight to category competition and popularity, there are other factors that you need to take for consideration. Your best bet is to determine a product that meets most of the criteria.

Shippable and Salable Factors

You have to keep these factors in mind for you to ensure that the products you are considering can bring in the profits after your costs. These factors include shipping costs, Amazon seller fees, and wholesale price.

Amazon’s Competitive Environment

For you to make money on Amazon, any item that is easy to ship and profitably priced should be easily found and in-demand by Amazon shoppers. There are some factors that indicate whether or not the products have enough demand and competition and these include the following:

  • Same product listings have less than fifty customer reviews.
  • Top product keywords should have more than 100,000 searches monthly.
  • The items may be listed and search under the different product categories and keywords.
  • Products are not being sold by the big brand names or some major sellers on Amazon.

What You Should Know about Amazon Product Listings

Each Amazon product page is basically a gold mine of information and some nuggets of valuable details appear under product descriptions. This lists under the image of the product, yet above the customer reviews on the product pages of Amazon. You can make most of this information when trying to determine the best things you can sell on Amazon.

One of the things you should do is to look at the item pricing. Remember that buyers on Amazon are searching for great deals, so if you could offer them a good discount, your product would sell well. Aside from this, you should also focus on the dimension and item weight. It’s useful to know if a particular item is expensive to ship. Focusing on the item sales ranking and customer ratings can also make a difference because Amazon uses ratings as ranking criteria in the shopping search results.

What Others Sell on Amazon?

What makes Amazon the best is that you can sell almost all things on Amazon. There are some who sell handmade and self-manufactured items while others choose private brand items or private labeling. It basically depends on what you prefer to sell.

The Bottom Line

It isn’t easy to sell things on Amazon, yet it doesn’t have to be tough. What you should only do is to look for the right niche you want to focus on and do your homework. Spend your time researching on the possible products included in your chosen niche. Then, try looking for similar sites like Amazon and check how the products progress. After that, don’t forget to list the products you have researched and filter them to select the best ones to sell on Amazon.

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