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How To Sell Something On Amazon ? 7 Amazon Selling Secrets

Wondering How To Sell Something On Amazon? In this article, you will learn 7 Amazon selling secrets which is used by top Amazon seller

If you wondering how to sell something on Amazon, then you are in the right place!

Selling on Amazon is profitable, but you need to put in a lot of work to make it happen. Your sales effort may not work instantly, but it will work with time and bring you a lot of profit if you can persist in the effort to give your products on Amazon the adequate exposure they require. Selling on Amazon has become increasingly challenging and the survival of the fittest.  This is more so since a search on Amazon is even more optimized than Google.  Research shows that more people search Amazon for products before they buy than those who search Google for products.

In this write-up, you will learn about certain unique tips that can make your effort at profiting from Amazon a reality.  Even if you are a newbie, you can still make a lot of money from Amazon if you can follow the tips discussed here.

Amazon Selling Secrets #1 –Optimise your products on search engines

Amazon marketplace is competitive and crowded. The competitiveness is further heightened by the crowd that has besieged Amazon. The only way to make your product stand out is if you get its details optimised.         

Amazon makes use of the details and information on your product to match the specific search words provided by potential customers on Amazon.  In your best interest, make sure the details and information about your products are correct and well detailed. Always include the color, size, search terms, product identifiers, description and title of the product you are selling must be provided.

Amazon Selling Secrets #2 – Make your pricing competitive

One other tip to give your product more exposure is to make your pricing as competitive as possible. When customers want to buy a particular item, they compare the prices, aside from the quality of the items in the same category.  In fact, research shows that pricing is one of the biggest factors that can determine if prospective clients take an interest in your products or not. First of all, find out how much your competitors are selling that same item and make your price more competitive than theirs. This may reduce how much profit you can make from the product, but it also brightens your chance of selling that item faster than any of your competitors.

You may not bother about changing the price if the item you want to sell is unique and no other person is selling it.  However, you will need to make your price competitive if you are not the only one selling that item.

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Amazon Selling Secrets #3 Image product quality is essential

Your products’ information is not complete if you fail to add an image. However, the image must be of top quality. If not, it may hamper your ability to sell that product. The image must display essential parts of the product. The potential customer must have an idea of how the product looks like by simply looking at the images you have posted. Also, make sure you provide more than one images about that item.

The picture must be professional. It must also be recent. The potential customer will see you as a trustworthy and professional seller if you can post top quality images along with the image details provided on Amazon.    

how to sell stuff on amazon selling secerts

Amazon Selling Secrets #4 Owning the buy box is important

One other thing that can help boost your Amazon sales is ownership of the buy box; this is one thing that virtually every Amazon seller strives to achieve. What is a buy box? It is the box on a particular product detail page where the potential customers can start the purchasing process by adding the items they want to buy to their shopping carts.  You can increase your sale if you can win the Buy Box.

It is crucial to winning the buy box if you are selling an item that is also sold by a multitude of people. The level of competition will be high on such an item, and one of the factors that can differentiate between the multitudes of sellers is winning the buy box

Winning the buy box is very essential, but it is not easy in the least.  Do not forget that other sellers are also interested in the same thing: to win the Buy Box. Also, winning the buy box is sometimes beyond the control of the seller since Amazon makes use of a top-secret algorithm in determining which of the products on sale will be shown in the buy box.

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Amazon Selling Secrets #5 Improve your performance

Repeated selling on Amazon requires a lot of work. You need to work consistently to improve your sales performance here.  One of the best ways to improve your performance is to keep a tab on how well you are doing.  Your record can be used to determine what you are doing right or wrong. You can use this to channel a new path for yourself in Amazon selling. You can improve your efficiency by learning about your past.  As your good fortune would have it, Amazon keeps a record of all your performance since you become a seller here. You can simply dig up the data stored up by Amazon to judge your performance and use it to chart a new course for your Amazon sales. Checking your past performance will help you to determine your areas of weakness and strength.

how to sell stuff on amazon selling secerts

Amazon Selling Secrets #6 Use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

You can improve your rating on Amazon if you adopt FBA, which offers accurate and fast order fulfillment.  FBA will ensure the order can be delivered to the client on time. Failure to deliver on time will give your presence on Amazon a bad tag, and this will affect your sales. 

You can, however, fulfill the order by yourself if the idea of using FBA does not sound palatable to you. If you prefer to fulfill the order by yourself, then you must fulfill it on time. This way, the client can give you a good rating that can further improve your popularity. One of the factors that make FBA unattractive is the fee; the fees are just too high for certain group of customers.


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Amazon Selling Secrets #7 Stick to the rules     

If you must continue to be a seller on Amazon, then you must never fail to keep to the rules of engagement. Amazon will never allow you to get away with cutting corners.  Make sure you also learn about all the new policies released by Amazon to ensure that you are up to date with the prevailing rules and regulations. 

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