How to Find Products to Sell On Amazon FBA

Jungle Scout Review – Is that the Amazon Seller Tool You Must Have ?

In this Jungle Scout Review, i want to share with you the features and benefit of this amazing amazon seller tool.


Are you looking for a product to sell on Amazon?

Then you should know Amazon FBA.

FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon is a great opportunity to every seller around the globe 

Which allows online sellers to boost their sales online.

It charges a particular fee to handle their shipments, orders, and inventory

while helping sellers to scale their business and reach a lot of customers.

The fees on FBA differ per product and variations, which means that for you to make FBA services much profitable,

the sellers have to focus on what they’re selling and how much they’re selling.

Knowing the inventory’s potential, searching for the right items, and keeping track of how competitors perform are important to generate higher profit margins as well as maintain a competitive edge.

If you need help with finding the best products you can sell on Amazon, a great solution is Jungle Scout. But, is it worth it?

jungle scout

What Should You Know about Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is basically a tool for Amazon product research,

which performs a thorough market research on the products and offers .

It’s a great way for you to evaluate the best products you can sell.

It also enables you to spy on the product listings of your competitors, fluctuations, and daily sales.

You may also keep track of how products are doing 

It tracks all essential data such as monthly or daily sales, the average prices, reviews they generate,

and what ratings they have. The whole idea of Jungle Scout is to refine searches for increased profits.

Jungle Scout may be used either a web app or a Chrome extension.

While the extension is a good option for those who have tight budgets, the app is a premium version of this tool. Also, it supports some international marketplaces.

jungle scout

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

It can be integrated into your Google Chrome browser and will help you streamline your product search.

It allows you to search for products right and faster within Google Chrome while you’re accessing Amazon website.

You may also view product data directly from Amazon search pages and analyze their market competitiveness.

The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout offers some useful metrics –

including the rank of the best sellers, sales estimates every month, average ratings, number of the reviews, average price, and so on.

Other than that, it also provides data for seasonal trends,

FBA fees, profit calculator, weight and dimensions, and oversize indicator. Based on the metrics, you may use this filtering to narrow down the search criteria and view what’s relevant only to you.

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension offers 2 variants and these include Pro and Lite.

Pro is designed for experts or those who are more serious about selling and require intricate details to find profitable products.

Lite, on the other hand, is an affordable option for newbies who are only curious regarding the sales potential for different Amazon products.

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Jungle Scout Web App

jungle scout web app

It’s considered as an excellent time saver for some seasoned FBA entrepreneurs for the reason that it enables them to search the product database and filter the things to exact criteria in comparison to tedious manual searches on the Amazon.

Usually, it’s a cloud-based suite of the 3 tools, which include Product Tracker, Niche Hunter, and Product Database.

Product Database –

It helps you find Amazon products based on particular criteria.

The section for categories provides you lots of options to choose the product’s category including Automotive, Appliances, Kitchen, and Dining, etc.

The filters play a crucial role in deciding which items can generate maximum revenues.

Product Tier, on contrary, allows you to show either the oversized items or standard sized items

-while the Seller option enables you to pick the particular kind of seller who will fulfill the final order.

Product Tracker –

It’s a great tool to track the sales of products that you’re interested in. It provides you an idea of how well products are selling on-site through gathering data real time including the number of the units sold daily, average price, and generated daily revenues.

You may quickly add items either from Product Database or from Amazon through entering URL or ASIN and the results commonly appear within three to four days.

The Product Tracker is also an important tool to understand strategies used by some sellers like whether they’re lowering prices, running low on inventory, running giveaways or promotions, and so on.

Niche Hunter –

It gives you the simplest way to determine keywords and niches for great product ideas.

You may select the criteria of your preferred niche and set levels of different parameters including quality of listing, opportunity scores, competition, price, demand, and many more.

The filter helps you expedite your searcher as well as uncover hidden niches for greater possibilities. Niche Hunter also displays results instantly for your searches along with the data of top products in the niche.

You may also find several related keywords used by some customers.

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Jungle Scout – Is It Worth It?

Jungle Scout is definitely a time-saving tool with an amazing interface.

The fact that this overlays the data on top of existing browser page, it also makes everything easy to search and keep track of the products on Amazon. Also, it highlights and captures the information for product variations when doing a research.

Unfortunately, although its Product Database offers a good source of ideas, it does not cover everything that is listed on Amazon.

You might need to do your own manual research to find something that’s interesting and you may add those to the product tracker. The sales estimates are not accurate and you might have to watch the product through the tracker for you to get better ideas.


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The Bottom Line

Jungle Scout is absolutely a must-have tool if you want to compete and make money.

Even if it has separate tools for all types of budgets, the sellers may install both the web app and Chrome extension to enjoy their advantages at the same time.

The extension also helps in pulling the data required while the app helps in tracking products and finding some new niches that could supercharge sales on Amazon.

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