If You Are An Amazon Seller And You Have Been Struggling To Make Bumper Sales, Listen Up!
Here Is A Mastermind Program That Could Take You From A Struggling Amazon Beginner To A Top Amazon Seller
You Will Be Guided Step-By Step By Successful Amazon Sellers .
For Those Who are ready...

Dear entrepreneur,
In case you don’t know this…

The volume of sales transacted by Amazon every year runs in billions of dollars, with 2016 alone being 136 billion dollars.

That is 136 billion dollars shared among the many Amazon sellers, with each cutting as much pie of it as it can.

While some sellers are able to cut millions of dollars annually from the pie, others struggle to cut just few thousand dollars from it.
How much are you currently cutting from it?
Would you want to move from earning few thousands yearly to a million dollars or more?

If your answer is YES, stick with me for the next few minutes and I will show you how to achieve that.

You will be eager to listen to what I have to tell you when you realize that I have helped hundreds of sellers on Amazon beat the one million dollar benchmark.

Testimony #1

“Big thanks to Eugene who displays a great deal of passion for Amazon e-commerce and without fail has continued to surprise me with his winning strategies on what it 'really' takes to build a profitable Amazon e-commerce business.” 
- Hung Le, Founder – Pareto Profits
This is just one of the many testimonials I get from other Amazon sellers like you whom We have helped to turn their Amazon e-commerce business around.
What This Is All About?
As a successful Amazon seller and coach, I rose to success on the shoulders of others.

They taught me that if you must be successful in life, you would need to sometimes borrow the brains and minds of other successful people around you.

I’m talking of belonging to a mastermind group consisting of successful people in your industry.

You will need to learn from them, apply their techniques and strategies and you will see yourself getting the same results they get.

A mastermind group is so powerful and essential that almost all the successful people you know all belong to one:

·       The President is part of a mastermind of his own!
·       Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other amazing NBA superstars are part of a mastermind!
·       Every single gold-medal winning Olympic athlete is part of a mastermind!

The list goes on and on.

So if you want to move your Amazon ecommerce business to the next level and be able to cut up to a million dollars from the annual sales of Amazon yearly, then you need to join a powerful mastermind.

This is why I chose to have a mastermind group of successful Amazon sellers who are ready to help other Amazon sellers rise to the top.
But Not Everyone Can Belong To This Mastermind Group
While every Amazon seller would love to belong to this group, it is open only to a select few who are:
  • Eager to start their Amazon business today and succeed faster than the word FASTER
  •  Ready to learn and implement the strategies and techniques to be taught
  •  Willing to drop all other techniques they have been trying in the past….if it hasn’t worked for you since, why would you hold on to it?
  •  Ready to commit money into joining this mastermind…..joining doesn’t come cheap as we are going to devote many hours of our time in guiding you.
So if you think you are qualified to join this mastermind group and be on your way to making a million dollars or more in sales from Amazon, let me quickly introduce you to…….
The only high-performance mastermind group for Amazon sellers in the internet
This mastermind group is run by only very successful Amazon sellers and coachs who have mastered the winning strategies that almost always guarantee success on Amazon.
As a member of this mastermind group, you will get:

Automatic membership to High Performance Mastermind private facebook group

This is great for you because you get to be part of our community where we will provide continuous support and guidance so you don’t feel stuck or helpless in any way. 

You’ll also get insights on strategies currently working for us and our clients right NOW. This isn’t theory or speculation, it’s what actually gets results. 

Daily email support

You'll get to ask personal questions and get directions and answers on every step you should take. This will make your journey to success on Amazon very fast and easy. You’ll be accountable to us to ensure you take every step to achieve your goal in the least amount of time.

Instant access to our shopify income system and traffic overdrive courses

This will enable you setup your Shopify store on top of your Amazon store and drive quality traffic to them to increase sales and profits.

Weekly live Q&A & What's Working Now webinar with us every month

You get to interact directly with your instructor, with quick feedback providing you with concrete understanding of the answers and the training subject itself.
The bottom line is that you are going to skyrocket your Amazon ecommerce business and move it to the next level using the insights you will learn from this high performance mastermind. 
These include:
  • Latest techniques in sourcing for reliable suppliers
  •  Deeper insights on the latest SEO strategies
  •  How to optimize your Amazon product listing
  •  Unpopular but highly effective Amazon Ecommerce traffic tactics
  •  Working strategies for increasing sales for new products
  •  And many more...
You don’t need to just swallow everything we say.
Read more testimonials from other Amazon business owners who are part of our high performance Mastermind group


"Eugene was enthusiastic and optimistic about our vision and assured us we were capable of doing exactly what he laid out in his video. He guaranteed us within 3 months we would have our own brand and would be generating online sales. Eugene assured us a full refund if we were not generating sales in 3 months time, so what did we have to lose? We decided to engage with Eugene; my wife and I quickly fell in love with Eugene’s method of consulting. His knowledge of the industry was impressive and his method of consulting was amazing. Within 3 months, we had our own brand, our own product, our own website, and were generating sales on Amazon! An insurmountable task just 3 months earlier became a reality…We now had our very own nutritional supplement company! Our time spent with Eugene was informational, transformative, and lucrative, but most importantly it was enjoyable. Throughout the engagement we have not only gained a thriving business but we have also gained a good friend." 
- Paul Salomone, Founder - Elevate Nutrition


“Recently I have undertaken Amazon FBA coaching by Eugene. I have learnt so much so quickly from someone who knows this industry back to front. For any minor or major problem I incur he always has the optimal solution. With expertise we are moving very fast in this space and are utilizing the best methods possible for the quickest results. He responds very quickly to assist and provide guidance for my mastery in this industry. A big thanks to Eugene for his time and the privilege of sharing in his well-tested and vast knowledge.”
 - Alan Pietrzak
So What Will It Cost To Join This High Performance Mastermind?
Usually, we charge entrepreneurs $800 for one-hour consultation with us to learn failure-proof strategies for their Amazon business. It Will Cost $2400+ Per Month for a single customer for getting those marketing insight from me. 

Guess what?

We are always booked most of the time because it’s always well worth it.
But in this mastermind group, you are going to get over 70 hours of consultation with us…..totaling $56,000.

I know at this point, your heartbeat is probably faster.

But you don’t have to worry about that……I’m not going to charge you that.

For just $2,997 annual payment or $297 paid monthly, you can get access to this high performance mastermind group.
But The Price Is Not Going To Remain Like This
You already know that the current price of $297 per month is a steal compared to the many benefits you are going to get from this.
We are very sure that there’s going to be a massive rush into this mastermind group and we do not want it that way.
So to curtail it, we will allow only 10 people to jump into the group at $297 per month.
After the first 10 people, the price will jack up to $497 per month so that at least the rush will reduce.
Which Would You Prefer?
To pay $297 per month or to pay $497?
The choice is yours…..
If you have too much money to spend, you can relax and pay $497 per month (that is $4997 annually).
But if you would love to save more money which you can reinvest into your business, then you need to take the bold step now to claim your spot among the first 10.
Trust me that this is going to be well worth it.
How much better will your life be if….
  • You start getting up to a million dollars or more in sales yearly
  •  You don’t have to struggle to get such high volume sales
  •  You will be having more time to spend with your family
  •  You now earn enough money to be able to go on luxury vacation with your family
If you are among the first 10 to join, you will get these super bonuses worth over $4585
  •  15 minutes fortnightly accountability calls with Eugene! (Real world value: $1,600.00)
  •  Shopify Income System (Value $497)
  •  Traffic Overdrive (Value $497)
  •  Facebook Private Mastermind Group (Value $497)
  •  Fortnightly 60 minutes Q&A Live Webinar Session (Value $997)
  •  You exponentially grow your Amazon ecommerce business (Priceless)
So hurry now to not only secure your spot in this high performance mastermind group, but to also get these super bonuses worth over $4585.

Trust me that by tomorrow, you will be thanking yourself for taking this action now.

Join Our High Performance Mastermind For Only $297/mo Today - LIMITED TIME! 
(10 Spots Only ,Price Will increase After All Spots Are Taken)
Eugene Chang 
Founder Of Freedom Profits
Nick Tsai
Founder Of Ecom Income Blueprint
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PPS: There are only limited spots available and if you delay, you can lose out. This means you will remain where you are and keep struggling to advance. Quickly click here to claim your spot now.
Warning: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you expect to move from $0 to $1 Million in one month. If that’s what you want, simply close this page and don’t waste your time reading this. This program is only for those who are willing to put into work , follow instructions diligently and be patient enough to see the results come in.
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