Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 & Cost – Scam or Legit ? What is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate review scam of legit

wondering Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 & Cost – What Is Wealthy Affiliate? Is It Scam or Legit? in this article i will give you my personal opinion

With the world economy becoming more and more unpredictable by the day, it is no longer a big surprise that people have been out searching for ways to generate some extra cash. For the past decades, the internet world served as a great channel for making money. Numerous programs have sprouted here and there, all claiming to help people have an extra flow of cash. In this Wealthy Affiliate review, you will learn more about a proven and tested program that is guaranteed to bring in money the easy way.

wealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate Review & Cost – What Is Wealthy Affiliate? Is It Scam or Legit?

Why Start Your Own Online Business?

Maybe you want to finally quit your 9 to 5 grind or you simply want to earn some cash. You like to stop wasting your time on an everyday commute or you no longer want to work yourself to pieces trying to impress a boss who doesn’t even know how to appreciate you. No matter what your reason might be, considering starting your own online business right now makes perfect sense. When you start an online business sooner, you will also be able to change your current disagreeable routine sooner.

Below are some of the top reasons to get started with an online business:

  • You will become your own boss.
  • There are very low costs associated with setting up an online business.
  • You can begin a business related to your hobbies or passions.
  • You can do your work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
  • You can work anytime and every time you like.
  • Your business stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It is more satisfying to run your own business compared to working for somebody else.
  • People are spending more and more money online.
  • There are no geographical limitations.
  • Anyone can have an online business. From pensioners to teenagers, everyone with an internet connection and computer can get started.

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 affiliate marketing

A Quick Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually very simple but some beginners might find it a bit tricky to grasp though. It took some people a few weeks after they joined Wealthy Affiliate before you can completely understand it.

So, how does affiliate marketing work?

You have to join an affiliate program that will then provide you with special links which have randomly generated ID associated to them. When you put any of these links on your own site or anywhere online, when someone clicks the link, the link is going to take them directly to the specific product you are promoting.

If the person buys that product, you will earn your commission. Simply put, you will earn a tiny percentage out of the amount that the product has been sold for.

In case you are promoting expensive items and consumers purchase them using your link, you can expect to earn more money.

There are some affiliate marketers who get to make 6 to 7 figures every year but these are only on rare cases. The truth is that only a very small population of affiliate marketers gets to earn a full-time income.

A good reason for it is probably because every time people first begin their affiliate marketing journey, they expect to get results from the get-go. But, this is not how affiliate marketing actually works.

It often takes months or even years to establish a full-time income. Many people lack the drive to persevere and succeed, while others are afraid of failure more than their innate desire for success.

Yet, as always, when you stick with something through thick and thin and you refuse to give up, you can expect to become successful. This is seen time and time again, especially when it comes to members of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review -What is Wealthy Affiliate?

So, what is really Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is basically an online training platform which focuses on teaching people on how to establish their own online business. Also called Wealthy Affiliate University, Wealthy Affiliate is much more than a mere training platform. This also serves as an expansive online community connecting with one another to provide support and advice. You will also find that the program’s co-founders Carson and Kyle interact with the community most of the time.

It is important to remember that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. It means that you still need to be patient and work at your own business. Success doesn’t come overnight.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review-What’s So Special about Wealthy Affiliate?

In more than a decade of existence, Wealthy Affiliate has transformed into a well-renowned platform for beginning an online business. These changes are because of several reasons:

  • The owners Carson and Kyle want to see their members succeed. They also spend a lot of time on the platform to give advice and answer questions.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers excellent training. There are many lessons laid out in a very easy to follow pattern with complete steps which makes it possible for everyone to begin their own online business.
  • The community is composed of an incredibly friendly and active group of online marketers who are always willing and ready to help. If you have any issue, you simply need to raise your question and you can expect to get a reply in just a matter of minutes.
  • Weekly webinars offer lots of advice, case studies, and tips. You should never miss these out because Jay, the host, with his relaxed good humor makes sure that the webinars are a completely enjoyable and fun learning experience.
  • All the things you need to begin your business is found in a single place, including hosting, tools, domain names, training, and support.
  • Hosting for as much as 25 free websites and 25 Premium websites. The ability to host a lot of websites for the cost of your Premium membership is also great. If you encounter any technical concerns, the support you get is also equally outstanding.
  • The SiteRubix website building platform can make it extremely easy for you to build your website and offer features you cannot find anywhere else.
  • It is free to start with Wealthy Affiliate because all you need is an email address and you are good to go.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Who Needs Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for those who are interested to learn how to start an online business, ideal for more experienced marketers and beginners alike. There is simply no limit here. It is common to see experienced marketers joining the platform to share their own knowledge and stay updated with the newest changes happening in the online world.

Here are the groups of people who might need to give Wealthy Affiliate a try:

  • Stay at home dads or moms
  • The disabled
  • People who are no longer happy with their current job
  • Anyone who needs an extra income
  • People who like to make money from their passions or hobbies
  • Studying students or new graduates
  • Bloggers who wish to generate cash using their blogs
  • The unemployed
  • People who are interested to know how to create a WordPress website
  • Retired people who wish to earn an income as a supplement for their pension
  • Anyone searching for reliable and fast hosting that comes with exceptional support
  • Local business owners who like to improve their presence online or start an official website
  • People who wish to earn money online in an honest and easy way
  • And a whole lot more

Needless to say, Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for anyone and everyone, no matter what your age, level of expertise, or country might be.


Wealthy Affiliate Review -Who are the People Behind Wealthy Affiliate?

Carson and Kyle founded Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005. They are two entrepreneurs hailing from British Columbia, Canada. Both of them already had their own thriving online businesses before they started Wealthy Affiliate. They decided to come up with the program as a means of helping others achieve online success the way they do.

Their main objective is to establish a system which brings success to the members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. They spend a lot of time improving their platform and helping the members.

They also happen to be the co-owners of two more programs. The first one is Street Article, which is an online article directory that Wealthy Affiliate members use to get backlinks. The second one is Jaaxy, which is an excellent tool for keyword research. However, after the changes in Google’s algorithm, Street Article has become less important and is no longer recommended.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review- How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

There are four steps involved in building your own business with Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Choose a specific interest. It can be a hobby or anything you have a passion for. The main idea here is to choose something you like since you are going to build a business around that subject. If this is something you try to enjoy, you are going to have more fun in building and writing your website. And when you are having more fun, the more chances of becoming successful.
  2. Build your website. It serves as the foundation of your online business. Wealthy Affiliate has made it easier to create a website, and you will also get a walkthrough of every step of the process. You will write about your product, write reviews, and generally discuss your topic on your site.
  3. Attract visitors. For you to make money using your website, you will need visitors. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how you can attract visitors through getting good rankings in search engines.
  4. Generate revenue – After you have started to get traffic to your site, you can begin promoting your products. These products are your affiliate products. This means that you need to join an affiliate program. Affiliate programs make it easy and possible to promote pretty much anything with no need for you to hold and store stocks, handle customer service, or deal with shipping.

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A Closer Look at Wealthy Affiliate

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, you will get to learn about its different aspects for you to get a good idea of the things you can expect once you join the system. Once inside, you can gain access to all the things you will need to kick start your own online business:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Training

The moment you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are encouraged to begin your training, and it is probably the most ideal course of action so you can avoid being overwhelmed with all the facts and information available. There are enjoyable and easy to follow step by step lessons here. After every lesson, you will need to complete a task, making this is a great way to learn. There are several subjects being discussed during the training, which include:

  • Building your website
  • How to find your niche
  • Keyword research
  • Creating videos
  • Writing content
  • Finding affiliate programs then adding affiliate links
  • Social media engagement
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • And so much more

The training here will teach you all the things you have to know for you to establish a long-term and successful business. You can choose to create a site that surrounds your hobbies or passion, or you can join the Bootcamp course then promote Wealthy Affiliate. No matter what you pick, you are going to write articles which will help people. Once you get on the first page ranking of Google, people are going to find your site, click on the affiliate links you posted, and after that, you will be able to earn money.

As a supplement for these step by step lessons, live webinars are also conducted weekly for Premium members in which you can learn the latest tips and strategies with a session for a question and answer at the end.

You should never miss out on these live training sessions for you to learn something new on a weekly basis. Aside from these two training sources, members are also publishing tutorials which are usually very helpful, covering an extensive array of subjects.


  • Wealthy Affiliate Support and Community

Wealthy Affiliate has probably the best and most helpful community you can find out there, and some members even claim they have never experienced this kind of community in the past. One of the main aspects of establishing a business in which most online training platforms usually fail is in offering help and assistance whenever people need it. The community of Wealthy Affiliate is composed of people from various corners of the world who are more than ready and happy to help you no matter what the time of day or night it might be.

People with all sorts of expertise, different backgrounds, and different levels of experience in internet marketing are found here. Some are extremely successful online marketers while some are only starting out. But, all of them have something in common, and that is their preparedness and willingness to help anyone who needs it.

Here is the deal. The Wealthy Affiliate community is a type of pay it forward community. This means that there will be no competition among the members because everyone is there to help their fellow members. It paves way for greater success for everyone involved. This is why every time you raise a question, you will be receiving help right away.

If you ever feel stuck or you got some queries, there are several ways for you to get help. You can directly ask your question to the community and wait for several minutes to get a reply. You can also ask your question via live chat and expect for an instant reply. Or, you can also have a mini blog then receive replies within a few hours.

Prior to posting your question, you can first check to see if someone already raised the same question in the past. Since the community is composed of hundreds of thousands of people, a lot of questions have probably been asked in the past.

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  • Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

Your website serves as your business’ foundation, and the platform of SiteRubix offers among the easiest site builders you can ever find. Gone are the days when building a site took several days or even weeks because this is something you can finish in a matter of seconds these days. With the use of the WordPress platform, you will be able to build an excellent looking site with no need to worry about any technical issues.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Managed WordPress Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is worth the fee every month without the rest of the services you are getting. The same managed to host costs around $90to $300 for up to 20 websites. At Wealthy Affiliate, you could have 25 free websites and 25 of your very own domains.

The hosting is secure and rapid, with your websites being monitored 24/7 and backed up as often as possible. SiteRubix platform also provides services for the Premium members which cannot be found anywhere else:

  • Comments – You could ask for some comments on your site which can help you in achieving better positions in the search engine as engagement with visitors is an important ranking factor.
  • Site Health – You will be able to see right away how your website is doing. Do you add enough content? Are there too many plugins? Are you engaging with your visitors?
  • SSL certificates are provided for free with an extremely easy single click installation process. Most hosting platforms charge for the installation and certificate alike.
  • Feedback – You can request for the rest of the members for a feedback on your site which helps improve your site.

SiteRubix platform’s technical support remains unparalleled. Here’s what it means. If ever your website accidentally breaks, which really happens, support is going to have your website up and running all over again in a matter of minutes. Every time you need their services, you will surely be amazed at their rapidity.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Domains

It is among the newest additions to Wealthy Affiliate’s lineup of services. The facility to purchase domains is an aspect of the platform of SiteRubix and as expected, the price you are paying at Wealthy Affiliate is already all inclusive without the usual upsells you often get from similar domain registrars. Aside from that, the cost of a domain name is much cheaper compared to the competition.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will find every tool you will need to begin your online business:

  • A keyword tool for limitless research for the Premium members to find the ones with high traffic and low competition keywords.
  • Lots of free plugins and themes you can choose from.
  • Hosting for up to twenty-five sites with your very own domain name and twenty-five siterubix.com sites for the Premium members.
  • Rapid and easy to use website builder.
  • Two free of charge WordPress sites once you sign up as starter member.

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Do You Have to Pay for Those Details?

There are several courses that can offer such details free of charge. However, the problem with such courses is that they do not go through everything in a step by step process. Some tried one of the courses ad they had all the information, yet it was not organized in a logical manner and most of them said that they quickly demotivated and lost throughout the process.

For beginners to achieve success online, being walked through the various steps is important. Through well-organized training presented in texts or videos, it enables you to go at your very own pace and repeat lessons once required and provides you several simple tasks to complete after every lesson, you can create a successful business.

You might try starting your own business with a free site at SiteRubix. It’s possible to make money with one of these websites. But, having the advantage of only several lessons would make this very hard, particularly if you don’t have any experience with building websites and internet marketing. Even if the first 10 lessons you’re given show you how to make the foundation of your business online, most of the training that deal with the important elements including keyword research and search engine optimization are available only to the Premium members.

To top it all, if you are serious regarding earning money only, you have to pay to get a good training. Consider it as your own investment and put that in the work and you’ll see returns on your investment in months ahead.


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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Does It Work?

If you have some doubts regarding whether the platform really works, you have to check on the links about the success stories of those people who have tried Wealthy Affiliate. These success stories will help you determine if it is worth it or not.

When it comes to complaints on Wealthy Affiliate, it can be hard and challenging to find complaints. There are some complaints, yet it does not look like they are completely justified, there are also some members that state they’re happy with what the program offers.

There are also other complaints with BBB mostly regarding not being able to contact someone after being charged. It is a bit strange since it is easy to contact the owners from Wealthy Affiliate and they always reply to the concerns of every member. It might take some days as they get a lot of messages, but they will give you a response. There’s also a contact form provided if you have some queries. But, the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that every complaint was successfully resolved.


What Should You Know about Pricing?

There are basically 2 prices in Wealthy Affiliate and these include the following:

  • Starter Membership – This membership plan costs nothing. Anyone can join this membership for free. There are ten starter lessons, two SiteRubix websites, and you can be a free member as long as you want it.
  • Premium Membership – It basically costs $19 for the first month once you upgrade in 7 days after you signed up as a Starter member. Then, you will have to pay for $49 every month after that and you’re free to cancel your membership anytime. You can also opt to pay every year. The cost of it is $359 yearly which works out less than $30 every month.

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Starter vs Premium Membership – What Are the Differences of These Wealthy Affiliate Memberships?

Free Membership

Wealthy Affiliate provides a hundred percent free starter membership without up-sells. There are several things you can get from this membership and it includes the following:

  • Access to a persona mentor whenever you need assistance for some things.
  • Access to live chat for 7 days.
  • Instant support and help for 7 days.
  • Access to many expert articles.
  • Keyword tool
  • The first twenty training lessons. Once you are done with these lessons, you will have both sites up and run.
  • Two websites

Premium Membership – $359 Yearly or $49 Monthly

There’s also an option Premium membership that provides you a full access to everything on Wealthy Affiliate. Below are some of the things that are included in Premium membership:

  • Up to fifty websites
  • All the training you need.
  • The option to buy your own domain name for your websites.
  • Everything is unlimited.
  • Unlimited access to live chat.
  • Unlimited support and help.
  • Access to the personal mentor if you require assistance.
  • Direct access to several successful internet marketers.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review -Are There Some Extra Costs?

With the majority of the programs you’ve signed up, you will find that there are several extra costs you have made. But, it is not the same with Wealthy Affiliate. What you will like about Wealthy Affiliate is that everything you need and you will require in the long run is in one place. All of those things are included in the price of your subscription. It means that the only extra expense you could have is for your domain name, which is $14 and even if it isn’t 100% necessary. If you want to, you may continue with free of charge subdomain name that you’re given.

What Should You Expect as a Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, you can actually expect to get everything mentioned above. If you have some concerns or questions in mind, you might find these details below helpful:

  • How Soon Should You Expect to Earn Money?

It’s a difficult question since it is different for everybody, yet three months is standard with affiliate marketing. Some earned money after two months while others earned cash after 6 months or a year. Generally, if you work consistently and hard, you may expect to generate cash by the three-month mark. A full-time income can be achieved by the year mark.

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  • Is the Process of Registration Simple?

When compared to some programs, the process of registration at Wealthy Affiliate is easy. In fact, there is no need for you to enter any credit card details. All they require is your email, username, and password.

  • How Can You Get Paid?

Since it is affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is not the one that will pay you. The reason behind it is that it is the affiliate program you sign up with this will pay you. You have to take note that Wealthy Affiliate is only here to teach you the ways to do affiliate marketing and they are not the ones that will pay you when somebody purchases a product through your link. Unless you refer somebody to Wealthy Affiliate, in which case they will pay you but only if the referral upgrades to Premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate like the majority of affiliate programs in the market will pay you through PayPal and many have some options too.

  • Is It Too Much or Overwhelming Information at a Time?

If you are new at affiliate marketing, then you might find it a bit overwhelming. However, if you will just stick it out and follow the training one step at a time, you will find that it is very easy.

  • Is It Simple to Learn What’s Taught at Wealthy Affiliate?

If you could sit and relax while watching a video and understand what’s being said, then the answer is yes. It’s easy to learn. The training is both text and video based and goes step by step from the start. Other members started out without knowing how to create and send emails and now, they have websites that generate lots of money every month.

  • How Many Members Are in Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no exact figure, yet a few months ago, Wealthy Affiliate already had a million members.

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  • How Long is Wealthy Affiliate in the Market?

Unlike some affiliate marketing programs, Wealthy Affiliate began back in the year 2005. Every year they have gotten better and if you know something about business, you will know that it is a bit rare.

  • Are There Some Countries Where Wealthy Affiliate isn’t Available?

Well, no. However, there are several where only Premium membership is available because of high amount of fraud from such countries. Those who are from these countries do not have any access to free starter membership and they can only join as the Premium members:

  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • Egypt
  • Bangladesh

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Who Can Benefit Most from Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is basically an online community of those who like to do business online. Below are the things that you’ll learn with training inside Wealthy Affiliate:

  • How to make an online full-time income.
  • How to email marketing.
  • How to make a marketing campaign.
  • How to promote products.
  • How to get the content ranked in the search engines.
  • How to write good content.
  • How to build or start a website, which is a must today.
  • And so on..

Anybody who wants to learn those listed things above will learn a lot from considering Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll find some members that range from 7-89 years old. If you have the will to create an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you.

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Which Wealthy Affiliate Membership is Good for You?

So, you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested to reap the benefits of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate, below are the ways on what membership options is ideal for your needs:

  • Free Membership – It is suitable for people who are interested yet aren’t sure they like to get into this business. Others are just searching for ways to make extra money and aren’t interested to build a website and monetize it.
  • 1st Month Premium Offer – After you have tried out free membership, you liked what you have seen and you like to take advantage of the available offer. It’s great and it is for those who believe that they could make their dreams come true. Many people shy away from their dreams since it requires work. Through taking this step, it is a sign that you are willing to invest not just in yourself, but also in your business.
  • Premium Membership – It’s for the action takers and it’s for the ones who are willing to work. You have now seen how Wealthy Affiliate can help you and you have decided to begin your journey. Some people like meeting other individuals and once they go premium and months later, they report their first commission or first sale.

It is a good thing to witness. However, many people would come in with enthusiasm, yet fade away after several weeks. If you will go for premium membership, go into this but make sure that you are willing to work hard. Never expect for miracles to happen just because you have spent money. Remember that Wealthy Affiliate does not work for your success, you are the one make everything works.

Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Really Worth It?

With the many tools and features you may use, the maximum price you’ll ever pay in Wealthy Affiliate is less than a dollar per day once you go yearly. A dollar per day and you will get everything you need for you to create yourself a great online business.

You can go straight to premium membership if you like its starter membership plan. Many people who have considered this are still in the business and managed to create an online business that is worth every penny. That is the reason why many are grateful for being a member and sharing some ideas with the like-minded people.

It is recommended to join for free of charge first. With this, you will be able to know how incredible value for cash is at Wealthy Affiliate and you will know if paying a dollar a day is worth everything.

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What Should You Do Once You Join?

Well, once you’re one of the members of Wealthy Affiliate, you can drop in to say hello and introduce yourself to the whole community of this program.

The Good about Wealthy Affiliate

  • It is a spam-free environment and there are no spams allowed.
  • Everything you require to create your business is in one place and included.
  • Access to owners Carson and Kyle.
  • Hosting for twenty-five domains that you own more than 25 free sites at SiteRubix
  • 24/7 support from the friendly and reactive community with various methods to communicate. These include direct messages, microblogging, forums, ask questions to the community, and live chat.
  • All lessons or information are kept updated.
  • Lessons are easy to follow that you complete at your rate, makes the learning experience more enjoyable.
  • Perfect for starters. Everything is made to make it simple for those who have no clue how to get started.
  • No wild promises or pressure you’re going to make money.
  • The free trial lasts for as long as you like and there’s no credit card required.

The Not So Good about Wealthy Affiliate

Although Wealthy Affiliate is considered to be one of the best platforms in the world of affiliate marketing, nothing’s perfect and below are some of its cons:

  • The members from particular countries are not accepted as Starter members. They need to join Premium members. Such countries are Vietnam, the Philippines, Nigeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.
  • You may consider getting notifications from Wealthy Affiliate, which notify you regarding blogs that were written or some questions that were asked. Once you go through all those things, it can be time-consuming and may take you away from creating your own business. Use some notifications with moderation.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has more details that are easy to feel a bit overwhelmed once you start looking around. You can also follow lessons on Getting Started for you to stay motivated and focused.

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The Bottom Line

There are numerous scams you will find out there and but it’s hard to find a genuine one. There are many programs that claim that they can help you earn money through the internet. However, among those programs, there is only one recommended and considered to be the best and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

It surpassed the competition with the quality of support, training, price, and tools. A couple of some come close, yet they often lack one or more elements that are excellent at Wealthy Affiliate. If you like to make more money over the internet, you have to know the ways to do it. You do not need some empty promises that you will make a thousand dollar in just a few days. You must join the program like Wealthy Affiliate because it tells you the truth. Making some cash online is not easy. Yet, if you will combine your efforts with hard work and commitment, you will be able to make money.

The reviews you have read might convince you to join and be one of the many members of Wealthy Affiliate. But, you take a step forward, make sure to sign up for the free trial first or the starter membership for you to know if it is suited for you or not. This way, you will not only save your money but also your time, which you can invest in other affiliate programs you prefer. However, all in all, Wealthy Affiliate is worth it.

If you are confused with what you have read and you need more details to know about Wealthy Affiliate, there is nothing you should worry about because you can rely on a wealthy affiliate review that will give you details that you require to make more knowledgeable about what this program can offer you. All you have to do is to read as many reviews as you want and determine if it’s worth your time and investment.

Want To Start to Build Your Business With Wealthy affiliate?

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Wealthy Affiliate

Free or $49/mo












  • 24/7 support
  • Everything you require to create your business is in one place
  • Lessons are easy to follow that you complete at your rate
  • Perfect for starters
  • The free trial lasts for as long as you like and there’s no credit card required.


  • The members from particular countries are not accepted as Starter members
  • Wealthy Affiliate has more details that are easy to feel a bit overwhelmed

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