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What To Sell On Amazon? How To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon?

Wondering What To Sell on Amazon? You Can Find best selling products on Amazon With Some Free Tool Revealed In This Article 

Given that a significant percentage of online purchases in the United States takes place on Amazon, your motive to want a piece of the action and to sell your products on it, cannot be understated. With hundreds of millions of individual products listed on it, trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon might be a Herculean task, especially if you are just learning the ropes of e-commerce.

And given the fact that most thriving sellers on the platform are less inclined to share the secrets of their success with anybody! In truth, the challenge of sifting through this massive market to get the ideal niche to invest your time and effort can be quite daunting for not only beginners but experienced sellers as well.

At this juncture, it is essential to note that you can get a lot of clues on products that are most likely going to be profitable on Amazon itself, along with tools that help you identify those products that are worth investing in.

The essence of this article is to guide you on how you perform your search for the ideal product to sell on Amazon by employing a combination of sophisticated analytics and product monitoring software.

And the remarkable aspect of it is that you can do the research without having to break the bank and even before stocking up on goods.

In this aritcle we will cover some tips and tool to help you find what to sell on amazon and find best selling product on Amazon.

amazon best seller tool can help you find what to sell on Amazon

Attributes of products to determine what to sell on Amazon

So what to sell on Amazon ? There are several factors that you need to take into account before you can consider a product as “good” for investment, and aside from wholesale price, costs of shipping and Amazon’s fees, the following are critical points to take note of:

  • The product should be light enough (at most 3 lbs in weight when packaged for shipping) for ease of transportation and pick up.
  • Your projected selling price to customers should hover around $10 to $100
  • Simple items that are not fragile and won’t get damaged when being shipped or in use
  • The product should be of a higher quality than what is obtainable at your competitors 
  • The product ought to give you at least a 100% markup when you sell, which should be no less than twice the amount you bought them.
  • Go for items whose demands are not dependent on season, holidays or events, but consistent all through the year and far into the near future.
  • The item should have the potential for complementary products that you can take advantage of

Amazon Best Seller Can Help You Spot Best Selling Products On Amazon 

At any point in time, Amazon gives you a list of best- selling products in all categories, and you can take your research further by probing into other subcategories, and it is a handy and valuable tool when looking for niches and items that are hot in the market.


Other Vital Tabs On The Page Include The Following 

New Releases: This tab allows you to see new items in certain niche categories and subcategories that are experiencing a rising trend in sales.

Movers & Shakers: This tab lets you find hot niche items, which are rapidly going up in the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) in all categories and subcategories. Frequently, such surges could be sparked by trendy or seasonal sales.

Most Wished For:  This tab helps keep track of things Amazon users are saving to their wish lists, and provides you with an insight to what customers desire, even though it isn’t a sign of purchases made.

Gift Ideas: This tab gives you an indication of best sellers in niche categories for several specialties, seasonal, and festival-linked items and does that by keeping track of what Amazon users are buying as gifts as on the order checkout.

Amazon Reviews Will Reveal Flaws In Competition Products 

You can surpass your competitors by going online to see what customers say about their products on Amazon review. The reviews will give you an insight into what upsets or delight customers and this information gleaned from there should inspire you to create more efficient and enhanced products.

amazon reviewl can help you find what to sell on Amazon and what's top selling item

Try To Find List Of Few Customer Reviews

Since the ranking of items on Amazon is often reliant on reviews, it becomes pertinent that you look for products on the first page of search results with no more than 50 reviews.


Because the competitor’s product has fewer reviews, then it gives you the opportunity to start to make sales and move upwards quickly.

Find How Other Successful Sellers Are Doing

As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, then you join them,” but in this case, it has to be what proven and successful sellers whether large or small are selling or directing traffic to on Amazon.

In order not to waste time on products that don’t generate sales, several of these folks have invested heavily in marketing and analytics. And you can benefit from their research as well, by employing some powerful keyword tools like Junglscout, Ahref’s or merchantword ( or, which is a free tool that assists in finding out if an item has previously been sold by Amazon Retail sometime.


The sale of food is fast becoming a fad on Amazon, and there are plenty of resources on the net for you to identify the different types of foods that are trending on it.

An excellent way to start is for you to focus on clean eating lifestyle for health-aware customers as many are willing to pay for a healthier life. Again, because what is deemed as healthy tends to change often due to research work, then you can take advantage of it to hitch a hike on the wave of a money-spinning trend.

Don’t Choose Product Dominated By Big Brands

It is essential you keep an eye on major brands coming into your space, and you can monitor them by entering such new entrants into an online journal on a weekly basis, and as your list keep changing every week, it will give you a fair idea of how competitive the niche is. The implication is that you may be contending against deep pockets who just discovered that certain product or service is in high demand, so it is time you evaluate your position, and if you are about entering the market, then you need to pull the plug on that niche.

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